State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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November 26, 2001, Mandan

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - November 26, 2001
Seven Seas, Mandan, ND


The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at 8:50 a.m., November 26, 2001, at the Seven Seas in Mandan, ND. Members present were: Sharon Anderson, Keith Bjerke (for Joseph Chapman), Ryan Brooks, Tim Bryan, Jerry Doan, Neal Fisher, Carol Goodman, Maynard Helgaas, George Heller, Burdell Johnson, Roger Johnson, and Jim Venette.

SBARE Chair Jerry Doan called the meeting to order. Burdell Johnson made a motion to approve minutes of the September 24 meeting. Neal Fisher seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Ryan Brooks reported that the SBARE livestock subcommittee met in Carrington October 4 to view the facilities and discuss needs for operating and personnel. Bruce Bollinger stated that plans are being developed for the feed mill with hopes to begin construction in the spring.

The board discussed using video conferencing for SBARE meetings to provide opportunities for NDSU staff across the state to participate without traveling. It was suggested that ARF granting committees try videoconferencing first to see how it works. Jerry Doan supported the use of video conferencing, but noted it is important to maintain the personal interaction.

Randy Mehlhoff, Langdon Research Extension Center director, reported that the Langdon Learning Facility fund drive is going well with anticipation of finishing the campaign in three to six months. Mehlhoff indicated they may need to approach SBARE requesting operating funds in the future.

Jay Fisher, director, reported that the North Central Research Extension Center took possession of two new quarters of land in early October. The purchase was approved during the last legislative session.

Sharon Anderson told the board that George Flaskerud, professor in agribusiness and applied economics, is working with 4-H agents in McHenry, Kidder, Logan and Dunn counties to organize new livestock marketing clubs following through with the legislative intent in Senate Bill 2021.

SBARE talked about the distribution of a $100,000 grant received from Governor Hoeven's office for specialty crops research. Following discussion, Tim Bryan stated there is already a sophisticated system in place for the Ag Research Fund with the approved granting committees. He made a motion to ask the SBARE New and Emerging Crops Granting Committee to review proposals and allocate the funds. Roger Johnson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Bruce Bollinger indicated that NDSU will be establishing a list of capital requests for updating the university's master plan. The list will be presented to the State Board of Higher Education in the spring. He has asked agriculture faculty and staff for input in compiling the list.

SBARE approved changes in membership of the ARF Wheat Granting Committee. Although the changes were approved, Roger Johnson recommended SBARE be more involved in the selection of committee members in the future.

SBARE talked about the western malting barley meeting held in Dickinson on October 18. Jerry Doan indicated there was good discussion at the meeting and that SBARE will work hard to support the barley industry in North Dakota. Jim Venette shared a draft proposal prepared by Rich Horsley after the October 18 meeting. Questions asked following review of the proposal included:

  • If funding is directed to the effort, how will the barley research be funded past the first year? Will SBARE be able to convince the legislature of the importance?
  • Could commodity groups be asked for matching funds?
  • SBARE was established to work in the best interests of the producers of North Dakota - is directing funds for western barley research fulfilling that charge?

Sharon Anderson suggested moving ahead with the proposal because of the legislative intent in Senate Bill 2021. Roger Johnson agreed with Anderson, but recommended waiting for approval of the proposal until the next SBARE meeting when all members (including those absent at this meeting) can be included in discussions. Keith Bjerke stated the proposal should be approved if directors at Dickinson Research Extension Center and Williston Research Extension Center assure SBARE that they can complete the job as proposed. Kris Ringwall and Jerry Bergman agreed they would be able to move ahead with the research based on Rich Horsley's proposal and Bergman indicated researchers should know within a year if there is potential to continue the project. Ryan Brooks suggested the SBARE crops subcommittee work with the Horsley group to "clean up" the proposal, set a time line and look for opportunity to collaborate with industry.

On another issue, Wade Moser, representing the North Dakota Stockmen's Association, noted the importance of environmental issues related to fertilizer standards. He suggested SBARE needs to get involved with development of more regional standards to address the issue.

Jerry Doan stated he would like to invite producer groups to come to an SBARE meeting in the next few months to present proposals and requests or share input before SBARE begins the next budgeting process.

Following a group lunch, the board reconvened at 1:10 p.m.

Sharon Anderson shared a handout, "Engaged Institution" from the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges. She said NDSU has talked about ways for extension to relate better to the people across the state and also broaden program areas. She indicated two proposals have been submitted for President Chapman's consideration. One addresses developing rural leaders and the other requests support for mini-grants to develop programs with other units on campus. She has visited with the President about the expansion effort and stated he would appreciate guidance from SBARE.

George Heller asked how the change would affect the Extension Service's relationship with SBARE and Burdell Johnson asked how the budget would be impacted. Sharon Anderson responded that no budget changes are anticipated and the program areas would remain the same. Keith Bjerke added that SBARE's contacts across the state could be helpful in the delivery of educational programs and opportunities.

Neal Fisher expressed concern with "agriculture" becoming diluted, and stressed the importance of presenting this proposal in a positive way.

Doan questioned what SBARE should do to aid in the effort and Bjerke suggested the SBARE human capacity subcommittee work to evaluate and aid in the process. Carol Goodman, who will serve on that subcommittee indicated these efforts fit well with the recently established Citizen's Advisory Group that is looking at needs in North Dakota communities.

Roger Johnson made a motion to defer the extension engagement plan to the subcommittee for more discussion with NDSU. Neal Fisher seconded the motion which passed.

Jim Venette visited with the board regarding the problems associated with testing transgenic wheat at NDSU. He indicated it is important for NDSU to have a separate milling plant to avoid contamination. Because of the sensitivity related to this issue, Jerry Doan suggested the SBARE crops subcommittee look into the subject

Sharon Anderson announced the following: Mike Peel has resigned from the Plant Sciences Department; Brian Sorenson has accepted a joint appointment between Extension and the Northern Crops Institute; and Carl Bradley has been hired to fill the Art Lamey position in Plant Pathology.

Jerry Doan stated again he would like to organize a listening session where SBARE would invite groups to visit about issues and future industry needs. He would like to see these meetings followed by an SBARE long-range planning session as SBARE works into the next budget cycle.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson

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