State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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August 7, 2001, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - August 7, 2001
Loftsgard Hall - NDSU campus, Fargo, ND


The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at 1:00 p.m., August 7, 2001, in Loftsgard Hall on the NDSU campus in Fargo. Members present were: Sharon Anderson, Tom Archbold, Keith Bjerke (for Joseph Chapman), Ryan Brooks, Tim Bryan, Jerry Doan, Patrice Eblen (for Roger Johnson), Neal Fisher, Carol Goodman, Jody Hauge, Maynard Helgaas, Patricia Jensen, Phillip Mueller, Kenneth Solberg, and Jim Venette.

SBARE Chair Jerry Doan called the meeting to order and new members were introduced and welcomed. The minutes of the June 18 meeting were approved as distributed.

Ryan Brooks reported on the work of the SBARE livestock subcommittee. Brooks presented a recommendation for prioritization of beef projects and made a motion to approve the proposal. Jody Hauge seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Ryan Brooks indicated the subcommittee plans to meet at Carrington the first week in October to look at the facilities and the location of the feedmill and will discuss future needs. Brooks made a motion to move forward with the process of bidding for the feedmill. Jody Hauge seconded the motion, which passed.

Jerry Doan acknowledged Brooks for his good work with the livestock subcommittee and also expressed appreciation for the support and input received from NDSU and producers.

Tim Bryan reported that the SBARE crops subcommittee distributed a survey through the Farm and Ranch Guide to gather input on adverse economic impacts. The survey will be used as a foundation for a "cropline" effort. Bryan indicated response to the survey was not as good as expected. Sharon Anderson suggested working with county extension offices to distribute the survey in a more personal way to get more participation.

Keith Bjerke stated that the meetings with NDSU administration and commodity groups regarding the contract issues were positive. There was a willingness to come to an agreement. Bjerke indicated that all groups signed last year's contract and asked to redraft next year's with negotiations to begin October 1. Jerry Doan added that all matches have been paid to date.

Patricia Jensen provided the following update:

  • The search for a permanent experiment station director will soon begin. The search committee will make this a strong national search. In the interim, Jim Venette will serve as associate dean for research and Bob Harrold will provide academic support as assistant dean for academic programs.
  • Senate appropriations at the federal level included funding for the following earmarks for agriculture: potato research, southwest feeders position at Hettinger, scab research, value-added ruminant consortium, crop diversification, ARS funds restoration, rural development, weed control, food safety sensor, and food safety initiative.
  • The Animal Research Facility is almost ready - a dedication ceremony will be held on September 24.
  • The search for a department chair in Animal and Range Sciences was not successful and Jim Tilton will continue as chair.

Sharon Anderson related the following extension news to the board:

  • John Nowatzki, water quality specialist in Ag and Biosystems Engineering, received a grant of $750,000 from NASA.
  • 2002 is the centennial year for 4-H and there are many special events to capitalize on 4-H at the national level.
  • There is a very thin pool for the livestock marketing specialist - it will probably be considered a failed search.

Jim Venette noted the following:

  • Initiative for GMO activities is moving ahead.
  • A turf grass position will be available, with plans for a research and teaching golf course.
  • The equine studies program is in place with temporary facility at the Victory Ranch.
  • This is a busy and dynamic time at NDSU creating main station land issues.

Lori Capouch, administrator for the Ag Research Fund, presented board members with proposed changes in the ARF policies and procedures. She suggested it may be necessary to hold public hearings before the guidelines are adopted. Rick Johnson, university attorney was called, and he indicated SBARE was exempt and the guidelines could be approved without a public hearing. Following that discussion, Tim Bryan made a motion to go forward with the ARF revisions and Neal Fisher seconded the motion.

Capouch also asked SBARE to clarify policy language regarding grant proposal budget changes. Following discussion, Ken Solberg moved for an amendment to the original motion to go forward with the ARF revisions, but to note that in event of breach of contract or nonperformance, all or a portion of the grant may be reclaimed by SBARE. Tim Bryan seconded the motion for amendment, which passed.

Tim Bryan made a motion to further amend the original motion to include language stating a minimum of four producers serve on the new and emerging crops granting committee and a minimum of one producer be designated from each animal ag group to serve on the animal agriculture granting committee. Maynard Helgaas seconded the motion for amendment. Following discussion, the full amended motion was approved.

Lori asked for SBARE approval of 2001-2002 ARF granting committees (as presented) contingent on agreement from the animal agriculture and new and emerging crops appointees. Tim Bryan made the motion, which was seconded by Neal Fisher and passed.

Patricia Jensen presented recommendations for allocation of appropriated operating funds with two options. Both options allocated $6,600 per scientist for operating and equipment, as well as dollars allocated for special projects - Minot land, malt barley, NDAWN, and GMO study (HB1338). Option 1 divided the balance proportionately among units that continue work on long-term components of original initiatives and Option 2 provided integration of previous initiatives into departmental budgets allowing more flexibility and responsiveness in addressing current and critical issues.

The board discussed the $42,500 set aside for GMO study (HB1338) and questioned why NDSU agriculture would be expected to pick up the costs associated with the study mandated by the legislature. Ken Solberg clarified the language in the bill, stating there was no indication that NDSU would be expected to cover costs of such a study and suggested pulling the $42,500 out of the proposal.

Ryan Brooks made a motion to approve Option 2 without including the $42,500 allocated to GMO study. Tom Archbold seconded the motion. Phillip Mueller expressed concern over removing the $42,500, siting the importance of the GMO issue at the present time. Keith Bjerke stated NDSU needs to leverage all resources to accomplish research at critical times. Tim Bryan noted the extreme need for extraordinary repairs and suggested the $42,500 should be directed toward restoration of capital improvement budgets. Following discussion, the motion passed with Phillip Mueller opposed.

Maynard Helgaas made a motion to refer the issue regarding use of the $42,500 to the SBARE budget subcommittee for their recommendation. Tom Archbold seconded the motion, which passed.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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