State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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April 30, 2001, Mandan

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - April 30, 2001(amended and approved June 18, 2001)
Seven Seas, Mandan, ND


The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at 10:00 a.m., April 30, 2001, in Mandan, at the Best Western Seven Seas. Members present were: Sharon Anderson, Tom Archbold, Keith Bjerke (for Joseph Chapman), Ryan Brooks, Tim Bryan, Jerry Doan, Neal Fisher, Cole Gustafson, Jody Hauge, Maynard Helgaas, George Heller, Patricia Jensen, Burdell Johnson, and Jeff Olson (for Roger Johnson).

SBARE Chair Jerry Doan called the meeting to order and called on Patricia Jensen for campus updates.

  • Jensen shared progress reports on the Animal and Range Sciences chair search and the Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences chair search, indicating good candidates were interviewed and it is likely permanent chairs will be named in both departments.
  • Jensen announced that the Animal Research Facility construction is on schedule and a dedication ceremony should be held in late August or September.
  • Jensen expressed appreciation to the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education members for their support of research and extension at the legislature this year.
  • Jensen announced that the NDSU Meat Judging Team, advised by Paul Berg, recently placed first in the nation at a judging competition in Kentucky.

Jerry Doan acknowledged Tim Bryan for being recognized at the annual Extension Spring Conference with the "Friend of Extension Award."

The minutes of the December 18, 2000 meeting were approved as distributed.

Tim Bryan and Ryan Brooks reported on the work of the SBARE crops subcommittee and the SBARE livestock subcommittee. Bryan indicated the crops subcommittee was working on a strategic crop development plan and will be gathering input from advisory boards, commodity groups, research extension centers, etc. They plan to meet again in June. Brooks shared copies of a proposed beef research coordination model. He stated that the subcommittee will be meeting with members of the North Dakota Stockmen's Association beef research group to discuss the BeefLine initiative.

Lori Capouch, Ag Research Fund administrator, questioned the board regarding funds remaining in the Ag Research Fund when required matching dollars are not provided (as required in the ARF Policies and Procedures). Some of the expected matching funds were not available because contract negotiations were not complete. Capouch asked if the unused money is carried over or should be reallocated.

John Mittleider, Executive Administrator of the North Dakota Barley Council, stated the Council intends to make good on the outstanding balances where commitments were made to researchers. He is working out arrangements with the state auditor's office before the dollars will be released.

Keith Bjerke, representing President Chapman, suggested SBARE wait with any decision, suggesting they assume the contract issue will be resolved by the end of May.

Following discussion, Neil Fisher made a motion requesting Lori Capouch draft a letter to corn and soybean council administrators asking if they, too, would be willing to provide the outstanding matching funds assuming contract issues will be resolved. Tim Bryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Ryan Brooks asked for more discussion on the beef research coordination model that he had distributed earlier. He noted that before the livestock subcommittee can move forward, SBARE needs to indicate their support for the proposal. He made a motion to adopt the proposed beef research coordination model. Jody Hauge seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Bruce Bollinger reviewed the budget submission timeline and asked the board to support his plan to allocate a portion of the funds to each scientist for operating and pool the remaining funds until SBARE determines priorities.

The board discussed when it would be necessary to meet again and most agreed to a meeting on June 18 in Fargo. Budget guidelines will be in place by then and board members will work on prioritization.

Sharon Anderson noted the following:

  • Art Lamey plans to retire the end of May and ag administration will work to fill the position as quickly as possible.
  • She and Cole Gustafson have been working with the Agriculture Communication Department on videoconferencing and are hoping to have more sites ready by the end of the summer.

Board members discussed the SBARE appointment process for representatives from multicounty units. Jerry Doan stated he has heard some concerns about how individuals are selected. Sharon Anderson reviewed the process used this year, indicating a committee including the outgoing SBARE member, SBARE chair (or designee), member of research extension center advisory board, member of multicounty program unit advisory board, area extension district director, director of extension and director of experiment station reviewed the applications and made the recommendation. She stated that applications are to be submitted through the appropriate extension district director.

Discussion included the following questions about the selection process:

  • Would it be useful to include legislators on selection committee?
  • Could the solicitation for applications be to a broader group, including past advisory board members?
  • Could county commissioners be approached for recommendations?
  • Could a news release be sent six months before application date giving more time for considerations?

Tom Archbold told the board that the SBARE human capacity subcommittee met to determine direction for the group. Archbold stated the committee is everything that represents agriculture and was uncertain how this subcommittee will set priorities.

The board recessed for lunch and reconvened at 1:15 p.m.

Before beginning review of the 2001 legislative session, Jerry Doan thanked individuals and groups involved (Office of Management and Budget, North Dakota University System Office, NDSU administration, Agriculture Administration, SBARE members, commodity groups) for their help and support throughout the past months. He was especially grateful to Tim Bryan, SBARE vice chair, for his advice and support throughout the session.

Doan stated that SBARE has been criticized for spending too much time working on the agriculture budget; however, he noted that the budget preparation began last spring with presentations to the State Board of Higher Education, meetings with Office of Management and Budget, continued into the legislative session with a presentation to Senate Appropriations Committee on January 3, several meetings with Senate subcommittee, presentation to House followed again by several meetings with subcommittee, and finally the hearings with the conference committee. All of these presentations, sessions and hearings were in addition to many other meetings with legislators, administrators and commodity group representatives throughout the session. He said SBARE now needs to analyze the completed budget and set priorities for agricultural programs.

Doan indicated that when the session ended and Senate Bill 2021 was finalized, the legislature reaffirmed its strong support for research, extension and the Northern Crops Institute and he noted the following positive outcomes:

  • increase in general fund money
  • transfer authority
  • authorization for BeefLine initiative
  • flexibility in development of western North Dakota malting barley varieties
  • support for purchase of more land at Minot
  • accountability measures for agriculture
  • carryover flexibility
  • some legislative language clarification
  • line item budgets

Doan shared some comments he heard and questions he was asked throughout the legislative session:

  • are you communicating with Canada or other states regarding research efforts?
  • the BeefLine initiative is the same old thing - when are you going to do something new?
  • sick and tired of production agriculture.
  • why didn't SBARE ask for western North Dakota barley varieties?
  • SBARE is not responsive - can it be?
  • the core budget includes past initiatives - when are you going to move on?
  • need more feedback in the prioritization process.
  • haven't reacted enough to agriculture groups.
  • need to distinguish roles of legislative vs SBARE responsibility.
  • too income oriented.
  • in two to four years SBARE has not done anything.
  • there is no economic research - always production.
  • there is a long process - SBARE's priority list is dated.
  • livestock producers want 1,000 head livestock feedlot.
  • concern over the budget process.
  • want to see impact or results (is publicity a problem?).

Doan suggested some of the concerns could be addressed in the future if SBARE submitted budget requests by program area and did not request initiatives.

Doan reviewed some the legislative changes as follows:

  • $300,000 for feedmill renovation and feedlot at Carrington using special funds from Dickinson Oil revenues allocated from BeefLine initiative
  • Up to $288,000 as may be necessary for development of western North Dakota malting barley
  • Allocation of extension service resources for establishment of livestock marketing clubs in western North Dakota
  • Main research center may assist with purchase of land for Minot Research Extension Center
  • Meeting compensation increased to $75.00 per day for SBARE members
  • Change in legislative language including SBARE shall submit the budget request to president of NDSU" and the SBHE. In discussing this change, Keith Bjerke stated that the NDSU president, by law, administers the university. Patricia Jensen stated that she keeps the president informed throughout the budgeting process and Bjerke added it was important not to have a divided institution so any issues should be resolved long before the budget requests are actually submitted to the president and SBHE.
  • Bjerke talked about the legislative language allowing the president to name a designee to SBARE and noted that the president or his designee will be the only NDSU voting member of the board. Tom Archbold questioned the responsibilities of SBARE, stating he understood that SBARE was to be a producer-driven board. Keith Bjerke stated the reason the legislation was changed at the last session was to remove doubt of constitutionality. Jerry Doan expressed the need for a team approach with all entities working in the interest of agriculture. Bjerke then pointed out the expansion of all research at NDSU and indicated NDSU research used to be mainly agriculture, but currently the rest of the university is growing. He stated that agriculture should not isolate itself from indirect cost benefits generated by other institutional sources. He noted that agriculture needs to stay connected with a strong ag portfolio, supporting and supported by, other university disciplines and Patricia Jensen stated that collaboration is occurring. Bjerke remarked that President Chapman is proud of the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education and the work it does. Sharon Anderson emphasized the importance of working as a team and expressed concern for the long-term perception if there is not a cohesive unit.
  • Adds two legislators to SBARE.
  • States that SBARE shall advise the president regarding the performance of vice president for agricultural affairs, extension director and station director.
  • States that SBARE shall present a status report to the budget section of the legislative council.
  • The legislature approved use of up to ten percent of the proceeds of the agricultural research fund, not to exceed fifty thousand dollars, for administrative expenses.
  • Allows transfer authority for beef quality assurance

Jerry Doan reminded the board of the $243,000 for extraordinary repairs cut in the governor's budget and the board discussion to reinstate those funds if new money was received.

Based on a recommendation from Bruce Bollinger, Jerry Doan appointed a budget subcommittee consisting of himself, Tom Archbold, Ryan Brooks, Tim Bryan (current subcommittee chairs), Sharon Anderson, Cole Gustafson, and Patricia Jensen. This subcommittee will address specific budget issues and come to the next meeting prepared to discuss with the entire board.

Prior to adjournment at 4:10 p.m., Sharon Anderson commended Jerry Doan for all of his hard work and dedication to research and extension during the legislative session.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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