State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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May 11, 2000, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - May 11, 2000
Prairie Room, Memorial Union


The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at 9:00 a.m., May 11 in the Prairie Room of the Memorial Union at NDSU in Fargo. Members present were: Sharon Anderson, Tom Archbold, Phil Boudjouk (for Joseph Chapman), Tim Bryan, Sylvia Daws, Jerry Doan, Neal Fisher, Cole Gustafson, Jody Hauge, Maynard Helgaas, George Heller, Patricia Jensen, and Phil Mason (for Roger Johnson).

Chairman Doan called the meeting to order. He indicated the meeting agenda would address budget issues relating to "costs to continue," maintenance of core programs and proposed initiatives.

Sharon Anderson told the board the Extension Service would meet budget reductions by acquiring more grants, partnering with nearby states, eliminating positions through attrition or retirement, and possibly increasing user fees. A reduction in spending has also been implemented.

Cole Gustafson indicated the Experiment Station would cover reduction costs with increased fees, grants and income.

After reviewing the budgets and research needs of NDSU agriculture for the past three years, Neal Fisher stated that SBARE members need to convince constituents and legislative leaders that agriculture cannot continue reducing research and extension budgets. Maynard Helgaas endorsed the statement and indicated the need to insist on support for growth in agriculture.

College of Agriculture department chairs noted the impact of budget reductions within their program areas. Following their reports, Tim Bryan made a motion to accept the plan to maintain a hold-even budget as proposed by ag administrators. Jody Hauge seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The board continued to discuss the need for increased funding to maintain core operations. Several board members supported the need to sell agriculture as an investment.

Tom Archbold made a motion that SBARE's strongest support be for the needs-based budget. Sylvia Daws seconded the motion. Following more discussion, the motion was defeated with only Tom Archbold, Sharon Anderson and Maynard Helgaas voting in favor.

Tim Bryan made a motion that SBARE's top priority be restoration of the proposed reductions to "hold even," and the second priority be to increase the core budget by investing in agriculture. George Heller seconded the motion. The motion passed with Sharon Anderson, Maynard Helgaas, Jody Hauge and Tom Archbold opposed.

Jerry Bergman, director of the Williston Research Extension Center, asked the board to support efforts to raise private funds for purchase of additional land for irrigation research. Maynard Helgaas made a motion to support and encourage Bergman to begin the process of acquiring authorization to raise funds. Neal Fisher seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Patricia Jensen made a motion that SBARE also support Langdon Research Extension Center's efforts to proceed with the process of acquiring authorization to do fund-raising for the Langdon Learning Facility. Tim Bryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Stan Melroe addressed the board relating the significance of beef research to the state of North Dakota. He stressed the importance of the BeefLine initiative as part of the Livestock Endowment Foundation Research Committee's ten-year research plan.

Vern Anderson presented information on scaled down options for feedlot research at the Carrington Research Extension Center.

The board talked about the process for ranking the initiatives. Several members emphasized the responsibility of the board and the need to prioritize the initiatives based on overall need and importance to the programs. In making those decisions, Patricia Jensen reminded board members of the need to establish and maintain a balance in the budgets for research and extension.

Neal Fisher moved that a preliminary prioritization sheet with initiatives presented to the State Board of Higher Education be mailed to SBARE members for their ranking, including option to prioritize within the BeefLine initiative. Following tabulation, a conference call will be arranged to discuss the outcome. Jody Hauge seconded the motion. The motion passed with Sharon Anderson and Patricia Jensen opposed.

Tim Bryan talked about the land available for sale adjacent to the North Central Research Extension Center. He then made a motion to support the process of acquiring authorization to begin fundraising to buy the land. George Heller seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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