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May 14, 1999, Bismarck

State Board of Agricultural Research
Minutes - May 14, 1999
Doublewood Inn and Conference Center, Bismarck, North Dakota


The State Board of Agricultural Research met May 14, 1999 at the Doublewood in Bismarck, North Dakota at 10:00 a.m. Members present were: Sharon Anderson, Ryan Brooks, Tim Bryan, Sylvia Daws, Jerry Doan, Cole Gustafson, George Heller, Patricia Jensen, Burdell Johnson, Roger Johnson, Don Morton (for Allan Fischer), and Mark Weber.

Chairman Jerry Doan called the meeting to order. He noted this meeting was being held to review, update and organize for the June 10-11 meeting in Fargo.

Doan noted that new members will be joining the board (replacing Mark Weber and Dale Reimers) July 1, 1999. The State Board of Higher Education at their April meeting named Neal Fisher and Maynard Helgaas to the State Board of Agricultural Research.

Chairman Doan publicly thanked the constituents who were so supportive of the agriculture budget and SBAR work during the legislative session and also thanked Cathy McDonald and the University System Office for their help and support.

Doan summarized the process used and reviewed the outcome of the legislative session for the benefit of those members who were not personally involved in the activities.

He noted the following law changes:

1) There is a change in the number of names submitted to State Board of Higher Education for membership on SBAR. After July 1, 1999, one or more names are to be submitted for consideration. In the past, it was necessary to submit at least two names.

2) Effective July 1, 1999, the board will include oversight of the Extension Service programs and budget in their responsibilities. To reflect this change, the name of the board will include an E - State Board of Agricultural Research and Education.

3) Because of the addition of the Extension Service to SBAR responsibility, the director (currently Sharon Anderson) is no longer an ex-officio member and has full voting rights; the Ag Commissioner (currently Roger Johnson) is an ex-officio member of the board and will not have voting rights.

Mark Weber suggested it would be a good idea to make it standard procedure to invite two or three state legislators to each SBAR meeting. This could be beneficial as they develop a better understanding of the work of the board, and it would also provide an opportunity to become better acquainted.

Mark Weber made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 6, 1999 meeting. Ryan Brooks seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.

Patricia Jensen updated the board on the Animal Care Facility project that was approved by the legislature. She indicated there will be a bill signing ceremony June 2, 1999 at 11:00 a.m. at the State Capitol. Members of the board are welcome to attend.

Don Hanson, chair of the animal care facility planning committee, stated the initial meeting of the committee will be May 17. He projected they would expect to bid the project this winter, with a spring construction start.

Jensen indicated that there will be over $300,000 left from the animal care facility project from federal funds transferred through the NCI project. After discussion regarding use of the funds, George Heller made a motion to support use of the remainder of the federal funds on small animal research (working with NDSU Pharmacy Department) that would be consistent with Phase II of the original project. Roger Johnson seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.

Lori Capouch, administrator of the Ag Research Fund, provided an update on the progress of the fund. She indicated there had been some suggestions on policy changes for the fund and she will bring those suggestions to the June meeting. She distributed copies of the update and status reports.

Sharon Anderson distributed copies of a white paper which provides an overview of the Extension Service. She asked SBAR members to read and review the paper and provide any comments or feedback.

The board began discussions relative to the $228,000 that will need to be cut from the ag budget. Several options were discussed: 1) follow House recommendation and cut out mid-sized farm and value-added initiatives; 2) stay with SBAR recommendations and pare from the bottom of the prioritized list; or 3) scale down several of the initiatives to come up with the total amount needed. Members were encouraged to talk about the issues, think them through and be prepared to discuss further at the June 10-11 meeting.

Pat Jensen indicated that was an agreement being prepared at NDSU, whereby 15% of gift funds would be taken for administrative costs. This would have a great impact on the agriculture gift accounts currently being used for research. Following discussion, Mark Weber made a motion to request a briefing regarding the 15% fee before an agreement is completed. Roger Johnson seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved. Arrangements will be made to provide a briefing during the June 10-11 meeting.

Jerry Doan indicated he would like to get the long-range planning committee together in July. He also suggested an orientation for new members. Noting the next meeting will be held in Fargo on June 10-11, the chair adjourned the meeting at 4:05 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson

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