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April 23, 1998, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research
Minutes - April 23, 1998
Fargo, North Dakota


The State Board of Agricultural Research met April 23, 1998 in the Northern Crop Science Laboratory Conference Room at 10 a.m. Members present were: Sharon Anderson, Ryan Brooks, Tim Bryan, Sylvia Daws, Jerry Doan, Jody Hauge, George Heller, Pat Jensen, Burdell Johnson, Roger Johnson, Shirley Meyer, Bob Nowatzki, Tom Plough, Robert Todd, and Mark Weber.

Minutes of the February 9 meeting were approved.

Chair Jerry Doan made the following announcements:

Pat Jensen and Jerry Doan presented the new initiative package to the State Board of Higher Education on February 20 in Wahpeton (no action was taken).

Pat Jensen and Jerry Doan attended a legislative council budget section hearing regarding the animal research facility on March 4 in Bismarck. Pat Jensen stated there is a lot of federal support and we need to move ahead.

Pat Jensen updated the board on the search for director of the agricultural experiment station, indicating that the candidate to whom the position was offered turned it down. She will assume the official title of director and will proceed with appointment of an associate dean for research selected from internal nominees and/or applicants.

A news release was sent out in March encouraging farmers and ranchers to apply for a gas tax refund. Another release will be sent in late May or early June.

Doan said he has not received all recommendations for the granting committees in the crop commodity category. Those recommendations will be distributed by mail for board approval when they are received.

Doan listed the individuals nominated to serve on the livestock granting committee: North Dakota Beef Commission - Cleo Thompson, Page, ND; North Dakota Stockmen's Association - Bill Johnson, Sentinel Butte, ND; North Dakota Milk Producers Association - Victor Mathern, Edgeley, ND; North Dakota Pork Producers Association - Daryl Dukart, Killdeer, ND; North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producers - James Marshall, Jr., Oriska, ND; and Bison Producers Association - Bill Riebe, Pingree, ND. Shirley Meyer made a motion to approve this committee make-up and Burdell Johnson seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.

Doan indicated some names had been solicited for the new and emerging crops granting committee. That list of names will be distributed for approval by members of SBAR.

Doan asked the board for their consent for him to work out a process for granting committees, i.e., call for proposals, guidelines, deadlines, etc. and he will distribute for their suggestions.

Chairman Doan thanked the department chairs, research extension center directors and ag administrators for their efforts with the 95% budget prioritization process. Doan stressed the need to maintain a positive mode, indicating the governor is working to force prioritization, so we need to be visionary and forward-thinking.

Doan indicated he has had some very frank discussions with leaders from across North Dakota, and feels a real need and commitment to support ag research.

Pat Jensen stressed the importance of considering ties to all programs as budget prioritization is discussed. The budget reductions will impact research and extension, but will also affect academic programs and the Northern Crops Institute.

Shirley Meyer stated that she strongly opposed any cuts, indicating that prioritization has been occurring over the past ten years and there is no where else to cut.

Roger Johnson remarked that the challenge is to differentiate between the 5% reduction and current budget, and to demonstrate the impact on the economy. He stated that agriculture is in extremely tough shape so there is a need to focus on what the impact will be.

Patricia Berglund, NCI director; Glen Statler, Associate Dean for Academic Programs; Sharon Anderson, Extension Director; and Robert Todd, Experiment Station Director, shared with the board their proposals to meet the 95% budget request from Governor Shafer.

Following a lunch break, the board reconvened. Robert Todd made a motion to present the 95% budget reduction plan for discussion. Mark Weber seconded the motion. The board, with input from department chairs and research extension center directors in attendance, discussed at great length the budget reduction proposals shared by ag administration. A unanimous vote defeated the acceptance of the proposal as presented.

Tom Plough made the following motion, which was seconded by Roger Johnson:

The State Board of Agricultural Research continues to strongly support the needs based budget presented to the State Board of Higher Education. This preliminary 95% budget (5% reduction plan) is approved by the State Board of Agricultural Research with the caveat that substitutions to this list may be made as other possibilities emerge, but which still achieves a 5% reduction plan.

The State Board of Agricultural Research will also plan to present to the State Board of Higher Education an economic analysis, including direct and indirect impacts to affected programs and related programs, as well as estimate impacts to the industry, prior to any final submission by the State Board of Higher Education of the 95% budget recommendations.

All present voted in favor of the motion, except Burdell Johnson, who opposed.

The meeting adjourned at 4:47 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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