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What To Do In the Off Season

What To Do In the Off SeasonAthletes typically have a training program they follow in their “off” season.  It is what helps them to stay in shape so they are ready when the next season rolls around. 

Gardeners and food preservationists can do the same!  You can use the off season to learn more about growing and preserving foods from gardens and orchards. 

There are lots of sources “out there” for how-to information about food preservation, including recipes that have been handed down or passed around, plus those that can be found on social media and other websites.  But there-in lies a problem, because some of that information is definitely “out there.”  It may not be accurate and reliable, and it could be downright dangerous, or even deadly.

Keeping food safety as its top priority, NDSU Extension provides science-based information and recipes that employ the precision procedures that are necessary for preserving fruits and vegetables by canning, freezing, drying, pickling, as well as preserving meats poultry and fish, by curing and smoking and making jerky and sausage.

Tap into accurate, reliable, trustworthy information by contacting me at the Sargent county office of NDSU Extension at 701-724-3355, or by going online to the NDSU Extension food preservation website at https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/food/food-preservation

Food preservation is a science and the safety of it hinges on using safe recipes and precision procedures from beginning to end, start to finish.  As the last of the garden produce matures and is harvested, and we put our gardens to rest, make plans to use the off season to learn more about preserving foods safely!

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