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What About Spanking – Part II

What about Spanking?

NDSU Extension Parent Educator, Jacey Wanner, addressed the topic of spanking in an article she wrote for the Spring 2021 issue of Parenting Tips and Times newsletter, posing the question, “What does the research tell us?” 

She emphasized that it is important to note that “no research has found that children's behavior has improved with spanking. However, a lot of research says that children's behavior gets worse.”

Jacey cited an example of a child throwing a tantrum, and the parent spanking the child to get the child to stop throwing their tantrum.  Jacey stated, “Research tells us that no evidence shows that the child would throw fewer temper tantrums; instead, research says that the child would throw more temper tantrums.

“Spanking has been shown to increase hitting behaviors, increase depression and increase resentment toward parents.

“By spanking their children, parents are modeling to their children that when they get frustrated, or they don't like what is going on, hitting the person to get them to do what they want is OK.

“So often, kids who are spanked are more likely to use hitting as a way to solve their problems when they are a child and as they grow older into adulthood.”

Questions we need to ask ourselves are:

  • Has my child's behavior improved through spanking?
  • How do I feel after I spank my child?
  • Would I like to learn other approaches to use instead of spanking?

If you feel at a loss for what to do besides spank, check into the many other options that are available.  An easy way to do that is to enroll in a parenting class or tap into other resources that are available through NDSU Extension. 

Give me a call at 701-724-3355 or send an email message to me at cindy.klapperich@ndsu.edu to find out about the classes I offer or to be put in contact with classes and lending library resources (books, DVDs, etc.) that are available through the NDSU Parent and Family Resource Centers and ND Parent Education Network. 

For example, the class, “Circle of Security Parenting.” That particular class is scheduled to be held via ZOOM on Wednesday evenings starting May 12, and is already approved for Growing Futures credit.

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/vectors/discipline-angry-woman-mother-4145087/ (downloaded 4/13/21)

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