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What about Spanking?

What about Spanking?Jacey Wanner, my friend and colleague, is an NDSU Extension Parent Educator and the coordinator for the Region 7 Parent and Family Resource Center that is headquartered in Mandan.  An article she wrote for her spring newsletter caught my eye.  She wrote:

“Spanking happens to be my favorite and least favorite controversial topic. Why? Because I love educating people on ways to discipline other than spanking, and I also enjoy having an open conversation about this particular parenting strategy.

“Why is it my least favorite controversial topic?  Because people can get fiery, and while I like having open conversations about parenting topics, I don't like to argue.”

Jacey continued by providing examples of the questions and comments that come up in her parenting classes, and the conversations that follow.

  • "Are you telling me that my parents were bad parents because they spanked me?" Answer: No. Many wonderful, incredible, loving parents choose to spank their children. Spanking was common practice until very recently and people who chose to spank were following advice from trusted individuals.  Now we have the research to tell us that spanking is not beneficial to our children and does not help improve their behavior.
  • "I turned out OK and I was spanked!" Yes. You turned out okay. One of our goals with parenting should be to help our children learn how to solve problems. My question for you would be: What did spanking teach you about solving problems?
  • "You are making me feel bad about myself because I spank my children." My intent with talking about spanking is to inform you, empower you and provide the research behind the negative effects of spanking. There are no perfect parents and no perfect families. The really great thing about parenting is we get the chance to try something new whenever we decide to do so.

So what does the research tell us? That’s what I will address in next week’s news column.  Stay tuned!

Source:  Parenting Tips and Times, Jacey Wanner, NDSU Extension Parent and Family Resource Center – Region 7, Spring 2021.

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/vectors/discipline-angry-woman-mother-4145087/ (downloaded 4/5/21)




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