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Thankful and Content

 https://pixnio.com/wallpapers/branch-foliage-frost-frosty-fruit-hawthorn-snow-tree-weather-winter  (Downloaded 12-18-18)

Whenever I think of the story about the woman who liked to write letters to her son, I smile.

He’d say to her, “But you know, Ma, I’m a slow reader.”

And she would reply, “That’s OK, son, I’m a slow writer.” 

Along that line, I am thinking you perhaps don’t have much time to read a lengthy “Seize the Day” news column today, and I don’t have much time to write one like that, either.  So short and sweet is the way it will be.

Teaching our kids to be thankful and content is not easy, especially in a consumer culture that bombards its people with messages that hinge on self-centeredness and materialism, and where the pursuit is often for “more.”  This time of year can be super challenging for those very reasons. 

A new resource from Boys Town offers practical ideas to help nurture a thankfulness mindset.  The free, digital e-book, “How to Teach Gratitude During the Holidays,” offers practical guidelines and touches on these topics:

                -  avoiding the emphasis on possessions

                -  engaging in activities and service

                -  spending more face-to-face time together

The free e-book is available from Boys Town at:   https://resources.boystown.org/parenting/gratitude/.

Photo Credit:   https://pixnio.com/wallpapers/branch-foliage-frost-frosty-fruit-hawthorn-snow-tree-weather-winter (downloaded 12-18-18)

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