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Teen Scene

Teen dating


Day in, day out, teens face challenges ranging from technology, with its promises and temptations, to social and academic pressures.

Teen dating can present challenges of its own.  In its 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stated that nearly 10% of high school students report having been physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend within the previous year. Presumably the actual numbers are even higher than the reported number. 

Teens who are experiencing unhealthy relationships may be setting the stage for potentially unhealthy relationships as adults.  Additionally, they may conclude that these types of relationships are normal, or normal for them, and resign themselves to the idea that these kinds of relationships are the only kind they are capable of.

Parents have an important role to play in guiding their children through the dating years. 

Learning about and developing healthy relationship skills is a good place for parents and teens to start.  Next, it is important to recognize the differences between and characteristics of healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships.

Like domestic violence, teen dating violence is a pattern of abuse where one person makes the other person feel scared, weak, isolated, hurt, or sad.  The abuse may be mental, physical, emotional, sexual, or economic, or a combination of two or more forms. 

Abuse is cyclical.  It progresses through predictable stages.  The cycle of abuse is devastating, but it can be broken.

Helpful resources are available from Reach 4 Friends (www.reach4friends.org) and Break the Cycle  (http://teendvmonth.org/2015/teendv).

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