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Tapping Into Accurate, Reliable Information

NDSU ExtensionThanks to technology, answers for many of our questions, trivia quests, and other things we wonder about are only a click or voice request away.  However, when the answers to our questions will influence our decisions on things that have health, financial, relationship, legal, or other consequences, it is important to ensure the quality, accuracy, and reliability of those answers. 

It is critical that consumers and information-seekers be discerning in searching for and evaluating the credibility of the “answers” we find online.  Being able to determine the credibility of any information source is one part of a life skill referred to as “information literacy.” 

A key to information literacy when using online sources is knowing the domains.  The most common domains are:
-  .com

-  .net

-  .org

-  .edu

-  .gov

The .edu sites (from universities) and the .gov sites (from government) are more likely to consistently offer information, articles and data that is research-based.  To search and quickly filter for information from those sites, type “site:edu” or “site:gov” after the words you type into the search window, WITHOUT using the quotation marks.

The NDSU Extension website (https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/extension)  is a “.edu” website.  On it you will find accurate, reliable, unbiased, evidence-based and research-backed information that helps meet your needs and answer your questions about practical issues and concerns.  The NDSU Extension website is layered.  Take time to explore the site.  Dig in and drill down to explore the depth and breadth of the information and resources you find there.

In addition to the website, NDSU Extension offers information, training, and resources through webinars and in face-to-face settings with individuals and groups.  The bottom line is that NDSU Extension has a lot to offer, and we are here to serve you!  Call the office (724-3355) anytime you or your friends, family, co-workers or employees have a topic you would like to learn about through a conversation, presentation, lesson, program, activity or workshop. 

NDSU Extension is the outreaching arm of our state’s land-grant institution, NDSU, and the Research Extension Centers in our state.  As such, it is a source of accurate, reliable, unbiased, evidence-based, research-backed information. 

NDSU Extension, with agents/educators in its county offices, provides easily accessed non-formal education and learning activities for all people.  Like Extension programs all across the U.S., it emphasizes taking knowledge gained through research and education directly to the people to create positive impacts in their lives. 

Through state and county extension programs, our nation’s land-grant colleges and universities deliver vital, practical information to agricultural producers, small business owners, consumers, families, and young people, and offer their resources to address public needs.  With commitment to openness, accessibility and service, extension brings evidence-based science and modern technologies to farmers, consumers, families, and emerging leaders.  This contributes to their success and well-being.


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