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Take Good Care of Yourself, Always and in All Ways

Take Good Care of Yourself, Always and in All WaysThe phrase I’ve used often in the past, and many times a day in recent weeks is, “Take good care of yourself, always and in all ways.”  That’s because I 100% embrace the truth that taking care of ourselves encompasses taking care of ourselves comprehensively and holistically.  We do that by giving attention to our physical, intellectual/mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. 

Today, I am sharing that message with you, the reader of this news column.  Please take good care of yourself and those whom you care about and care for, always and in all ways.

There are many things we can do to keep our immune systems strong to fight diseases or recover from them. Good nutrition is a major part of the equation, along with other healthy lifestyle habits.

Research has shown that some nutrients, including protein, and certain vitamins and minerals, have specific roles in immune health. If we lack any of these nutrients, our ability to fight infection can decrease.

We need adequate protein, which can come from animal (meat, poultry, eggs) and plant (beans, nuts, etc.) sources.

Be sure to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins A and C your body needs. Carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, spinach and kale are excellent sources of carotenoids, which our bodies convert to vitamin A. Enjoy citrus fruits, strawberries, red bell peppers and tomatoes to get your daily vitamin C.

Sunflower seeds, almonds and oils such as sunflower and safflower oil provide us with vitamin E to protect our cell membranes. B vitamins (from grains) and minerals such as selenium and iron (from nuts, meats, etc.) also are part of immune-boosting nutrition.

Eating a variety of foods from all the food groups helps meet your body’s daily needs for nutrients and stay strong. See www.ag.ndsu.edu/nourishyourbody/immune-system for more information on this topic. 

If you do not have online access to the resources of NDSU Extension, please call our Sargent County office to let us know what questions you have or what resources you need.  Many of those resources are printable and could be printed in our office and mailed to you.  The office number is 701-724-3355.

Sources of accurate, reliable, trustworthy information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) include:

Adapted from:  NDSU Extension Nourish Newsletter, April 2020.

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/self-care-umbrella-protection-2904778/ (downloaded 3/31/20)

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