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Road Ready, Field Ready, Life Ready

Determining whether a car, truck, pickup or tractor is ready for the road or field requires a quick assessment at least, or a complete inspection at most.  A quick assessment before heading down the road or out to the field might include taking a look at the dials and gauges on the dashboard, testing the brakes, cleaning the windshield, adjusting the mirrors, and checking the brake lights and signal lights.   When everything is working properly, and the driver/operator is competent, we feel confident about heading down the road or out to the field.

Similarly, in heading down the road of life, a big part of what helps people be survive and thrive is their social-emotional status.  However, individually and collectively as a society, our social-emotional well-being has taken some big hits related to the COVID-19 pandemic over the last several months, and, most recently, related to widespread unrest and violence. 

Surprisingly, assessing the components of social-emotional wellness can be compared to things we notice when we do a quick assessment of our cars, trucks, pickups and tractors.  The analogy helps us understand the five components of social-emotional well-being, and it looks like this:

  • Self-awareness is like the dials and gauges on the dashboard.
  • Self-management is like the brakes and accelerator.
  • Social awareness is like the windshield and mirrors.
  • Relationship skills and communication are like the brake lights and signal lights.
  • Responsible decision-making is like the competent driver/operator.

Social-emotional well-being benefits individuals and society in many ways, including long-term benefits such as positive social behavior and less emotional distress.

Social-emotional growth and development can be nurtured and enhanced throughout life.  Parents and teachers are key in the social-emotional learning of young children and school-aged children.  Adults can enhance their social-emotional status through self-study, classes, and counseling. 

If you have questions about social-emotional wellness or would like to learn more about fostering it in yourself or others, let’s visit!  Give me a call at NDSU Extension.  The number to call in Sargent county is 701-724-3355. 



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