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No More Ho-Hum Sandwiches


No More Ho-Hum Sandwiches


If “sandwiches” have become ho-hum for you and your family, maybe it’s time to jazz things up a bit.  That’s easy to do when you try some new flavor combinations, breads, or preparation methods, such as quesadillas!


Basic quesadillas are made by heating a tortilla in a non-stick frying pan with a small amount of oil, sprinkling on two to four tablespoons of shredded cheese, adding about one-half cup of protein (drained/rinsed canned beans, cooked chicken, or cooked shredded pork or beef), about one-half cup of veggies of your choice, with some cilantro, pineapple, hot sauce, salsa or other flavor-boosters mixed in, and a little more cheese.  Top with another tortilla and cover the pan to cook for about two to four minutes.  Use a spatula to flip the quesadilla over and cook another two minutes of so.  Cut into wedges and serve with guacamole, salsa, and low-fat sour cream or plain or Greek yogurt. 

To break away from the basics, substitute peanut butter, sliced banana or strawberries and a few chocolate chips, and invite your family to wake up to WOW for breakfast!

When you are in the mood for Hawaiian, fill the quesadilla with mozzarella cheese, Canadian bacon or diced lean ham, pineapple, and green peppers. 

If you are going for Greek, use feta cheese or low-fat cream cheese, cooked chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and red onion. 

Savor the flavor of Thai by filling the quesadilla with pepper jack cheese, shrimp, carrots, green onions, cilantro, and Thai peanut or chili sauce.

Rather than using a frying pan, experiment with cooking the quesadilla on an indoor or outdoor grill.  My family thinks everything tastes better when grill lines are on it!  I’ve been making grilled cheese sandwiches on my indoor electric grill for years!

For more quesadilla tips, check out https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/pubs/yf/foods/fn1717.pdf.  Other quick cooking ideas are available from NDSU Extension.  Ask for “Pinching Pennies in the Kitchen.”

As always, please give me a call if you or your friends, family, co-workers or employees have a topic you would like to learn more about through a presentation, lesson, program, activity or workshop.  NDSU Extension has a lot to offer, and we are here to serve you!

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