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On The Move

Running DogThanks to Cindy Dietz, Charlene Knutson, and Jeanne Pratt, this week past week I had the opportunity to visit with students in their sixth grade classrooms in the schools in Gwinner, Milnor, and Forman.  The purpose of my visit to each classroom was to launch an educational program titled, "On the Move to Better Health."  The program helps students develop an awareness of food and activity choices and habits that contribute to healthy living.  It includes a tracking chart that students use to be accountable for their daily choices, and a map they use to celebrate their progress and successes.  The program also provides an opportunity for each student to set one or two health-related goals each week, and a special place to write their goals. 

Everyone has goals.  They might be short-term ("clean the refrigerator") or long-term ("earn a college degree") goals.  Like the sixth grade students, our goals might relate to health and wellness.  Or we might have goals that relate to finances, faith, travel, education, or any other aspect of our life. 

Whether they are little or lofty, our goals matter to us and deserve to be written down, and there is power in doing so.  In a study of three groups of Harvard graduates several years ago, the observation was made that those who had written their goals were far more successful at achieving them than were those who only had a mental list of goals in mind, or those who did neither.  In fact, some sources claim that having our goals written down makes it ten times more likely that we will accomplish them. 

If you have some dreams, wishes, or vague goals related to money and finances, or if you disagree with others about how money is being used, the NDSU Extension Service publication "Financial Attitudes, Values, and Goals" will be of use and benefit to you.  It is available upon request at the Extension office, or online at http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/pubs/yf/fammgmt/fs591.  Additional publications on money-related topics can be found at http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publications/money.


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