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Olympics: Athletes, Geography, and Snacks

Olympics:  Athletes, Geography, and Snacks  02/02/18The Olympics can serve as the gateway to so many things!  We can be amazed by the feats and performances of the athletes.  We can be inspired to adopt a more active lifestyle.  We can be nudged to brush up on geography to learn about the countries where the athletes come from.  We can even be motivated to try some snacks that have their origins in other parts of the world.

For example, edamame is associated with Japan.  Hummus is associated with the Middle East.  How about nachos?  Think Mexico!  And as for glazed pecans, North America. 

Recipes for Arriba Nacho Dip, Glazed Pecans, Homemade Hummus, and Edamame can be found in the NDSU Extension publication, “Cooking 101 – Week 8.”  The publication also provides suggestions for using leftover ingredients that might have been special purchases for making those recipes.  The publication is available online at https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publications/food-nutrition/cooking-101quick-and-easy-menus-recipes-and-tips-for-singles-and-couples-week-8/fn1699-cooking-101-week-8-explore-the-world-of.pdf

Snacks can provide nutrients that a breakfast, lunch or dinner may not include. Well-chosen snacks can refuel the body between those main meals. Enjoying a couple of daily snacks in smart-sized portions is a wise way to meet your nutrient needs.

Let’s go around the world with some snack ideas while we go around “MyPlate,” the icon for healthy eating:

Grains:  Try a snack that is popular among Scottish people: oatmeal crackers!  Oatmeal is a whole-grain food, and whole grain foods are heart-healthy. 

Veggies:  Imagine yourself in India as you slice up some cucumbers and add just a dash of salt and chili powder.  A half-cup of cucumber slices has just 8 calories!

Fruits:  The ancient Inca civilization is credited with being the first to make peanut butter.  Dip apple slices in peanut butter for a fruit snack that also provides protein.

Dairy:  Be inspired to make a “cheese hedgehog!”  This German snack consists of cheese squares and grapes on toothpicks, arranged on a melon or pineapple slice to resemble a hedgehog.

Protein:  Roasted or slightly salted peanuts are a common snack in Russia.  Thomas Jefferson is said to have been the first American president to grow peanuts.  At that time, our southern states referred to peanuts as “goober peas,” which comes from the Congolese word, “nguba.”

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/en/olympics-circles-rio-ground-1603177/ (downloaded 2/6/18)



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