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Manners and Consideration - What’s on Your List?

Manners and Consideration - What’s on Your List? 7/5/19

Manners and consideration play an important role in healthy relationships and success in families, careers, and social settings. 

Being the mother of three boys, a picture of three young boys caught my eye one day last week as I skimmed through an online ag news publication called “Morning Ag Clips.”  The picture went with an article that had been written by Kate Ziehm for the “Just Me, Kate” column in that publication, and the article was titled, “Manners and Consideration.”

Kate mentioned a list called “Rules to Teach Your Sons” that had recently come up as a topic of conversation with friends.  Her premise was that the list didn’t just pertain to boys, but that it did cause her to take inventory of things that are important to her in the raising her children.

According to Kate, most of these items on the list were about courtesy and being a thoughtful person.  She concluded that even though some of the things mentioned on the list seemed old-school or outdated, they still showed consideration and were nice acts of kindness that make the person on the receiving end feel special and considered. 

A sampling from the list included these tidbits:

  • Always hold the door open for others.
  • Wait to begin eating until everyone is seated at the table and the cook has lifted his/her fork off of the napkin.
  • Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas.
  • When shaking hands, grip firmly and look the person in the eye.
  • Take your hat off when you enter the house.
  • Never turn down a breath mint. 
  • Be confident and humble at the same time.
  • Open the car door for your passenger.
  • Always offer to pay, and be ready to pay.
  • Always say thank you and write a thank you note

There were a total of 38 items on Kate’s original list, and she encouraged her readers to add their own. Kate’s column can be found online at https://www.morningagclips.com/manners-and-consideration/

More information and resources on the topic of manners and consideration is topic are available from Cornell University Extension (http://warren.cce.cornell.edu/family-community/parent-pages/challenging-behaviors/learning-good-manners-by-example), Penn State University Extension (https://extension.psu.edu/etiquette-is-not-passe) and your county office of NDSU Extension.

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/thanks-thank-you-message-grateful-1314692/ (downloaded 7/9/19)

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