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Making the Most of School Days

Making the Most of School Days 10/18/19Some people love going to school.  Some don’t.  If you are a parent, and “school” was difficult or not enjoyable for you, and you decided you didn’t like school, do all you can to not pass that attitude on to your child or children.  It will most likely not serve them well.

Instead, make connections between school and real-world life.

Show the real-world application of math skills by having your child use math to solve shopping problems.  Support his/her science and social studies education by observing and having curiosity about the world we live in.  Set an example of reading for enjoyment or to learn, or read the same books or articles and then discuss them with your child/children.

Offering choices to your child opens new opportunities for him/her.  Trying music, 4-H or other groups or clubs, archery or another sport, or any of the many other activities that are available, is a great way for our children to discover more about themselves and their interests. 

Children are not an extension of their parents and should not be expected to participate or excel in areas just to fulfill the parents’ dreams. A parent who had wanted to be a national baseball star may well have a child more interested in music than baseball.

Children grow and change, as do their interests, so parents need to be flexible and supportive.  A youngster who loved ball as a preschooler may get his or her fill of local competition early in his or her school years and decide to pursue something else. That’s OK.

Adapted from NDSU Extension Parenting Posts, grade 4, November

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/school-students-bus-school-bus-953123/ (downloaded 10/21/19)

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