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Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Making the Most of Every OpportunityA post on Facebook for “hands-free” baby bottles caught my eye the other day.  They were interesting-looking contraptions with a long feeding tube between the bottle and the nipple.  “What a concept,” was my thought.

Before making a decision to purchase any self-feeder baby bottles, or giving into a temptation to “prop” the baby’s bottle, keep in mind that feeding time for infants isn’t only about what’s in the bottle.

Feeding time provides opportunities for meeting the baby’s physical and emotional needs.  Whether feeding from the breast or a bottle, holding and cuddling the baby while he/she is being fed helps the baby feel safe.  It allows the baby to be close enough to look into your face and see you clearly.  This communication is the beginning of the relationship between the infant and his/her parents and caregivers.  It develops based on the baby associating food and safety with the parent or caregiver who is meeting the infant’s needs.

The nourishment in the bottle provides nutrition to promote healthy development of body and brain.

Being held and talked to is what helps the baby’s emotional needs be met.  Research has shown that babies who don't get their emotional needs met are more likely to eat too much or too little.  Babies learn to trust by having their needs met.  Babies who trust cry less and grow better.

Feeding time experiences influence the foundation being laid for the health and quality of the parent/child relationship that is being developed.  Laying the foundation for a healthy, strong, trusting, positive relationship during infancy goes a long way toward successfully navigating the challenges that arise later, in the toddler and teen years, for example.

Babies grow up fast.  Take the time to make the most of every moment and every opportunity.            

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Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/en/baby-young-people-plush-boy-child-472922/ (downloaded 1/2/18)






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