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How Sweet It Is to Bake Together!


This past weekend was a “Grandma Weekend” for me.  My husband and I got to spend Saturday taking care of our four-year-old granddaughter and one-year-old grandson.  Long story short, a good time was had by all!

My granddaughter and I spent part of the afternoon baking cookies.  We made chocolate chip cookies and rolled, cut-out sugar cookies…with sprinkles, of course!

Successful cookie making begins with good quality ingredients that are carefully measured and mixed together.  One of the ingredients that can make a big difference in the flavor, texture, and appearance of cookies is the fat.  Butter, margarine,     shortening and oils are the most common options. 

The role of any fat used in cookie making is to increase tenderness.

Butter has a lower melting point than margarine or shortening, so cookies made with butter tend to spread out to be thinner and crispier.  They will also have a distinct, rich flavor.

Using shortening will produce a firmer cookie that tends to stay mounded.  Since it doesn’t have a distinct flavor of its own, shortening allows the flavor of the other ingredients to come through.

Generally, it is OK to use a combination of solid fats to get the best of both worlds for the appearance and flavor you desire. 

The sweetening ingredients used in cookie making are other key ingredients.  Using white sugar makes for a crisper cookie than using brown sugar or honey.  Cookies made with brown sugar actually absorb moisture from the air after being baked, so then tend to stay soft or chewy. 

Just as it is OK to use a combination of solid fats to get the best of both worlds for the appearance and flavor you desire, it is also OK to use a combination of white sugar and brown sugar for the same reason.

Happy baking!

Based on information from: Cornell University, Blue Ribbon Baking – Tips for Success, B. Crawford and C. Carmichael, and http://spot.pcc.edu/~jvolpe/recipes/spring05/CookieScience.htm

PHOTO CREDIT:  https://pixabay.com/en/cookies-baking-kids-bakery-cook-448358/ (Downloaded 2-22-16)

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