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Are You Keeping In Touch? Or not?

Are you doing a good job of keeping in touch with family and friends? Or not? Are you having good quality time with your significant other and your children? Or not? Social connectedness matters; tend to your social wellness.


Are you so caught up in your busy life that you’ve lost contact with friends and family? Have you found yourself missing good-quality time with your significant other or your children? If you answered yes to either of those questions, your social well-being may be at risk.

Social wellness is interconnected with our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellness. So if our social well-being is suffering, the other areas can suffer, too. The good news is that when we boost up one area, the positive effects can ripple into the other areas.

If you’re too busy to stay in touch with friends and family, or you find yourself missing out on good quality time with people whom you love and care about, take steps to make supportive social relationships a priority in your life. Things you can do to re-establish supportive social relationships in your life include:

Do Not Rely on Social Media

While social media has many benefits, it also has some downfalls. Many users only share what they want others to see. Remember that not every family goes on two-week-long cruises or vacations. Young children love camping in their own backyard or even the living room! It’s called a “stay-cation.” Be there to make the most of it and enjoy the experience. Make sure to schedule breaks for your family and yourself. We all need time to rejuvenate.

Pass Out Sincere, Genuine Compliments

Be generous with genuine compliments. They have the power to brighten another’s day and are easy to give. Highlighting the positive brings out the best in everyone. Compliments can be given to family, friends or strangers alike. One short, genuine sentence can strengthen a relationship for a lifetime.

Eat Together

For so many reason, eating with family is worth the effort. Even though eating every meal around the dinner table with the entire family may not be possible, strive to have a least one meal together every day. Doing so promotes communication among family members and deepens connections. Involve the whole family in meal planning and preparation. Set aside at least 20 minutes a day to eat together as a family. It is an easy way to share with and listen to loved ones.


Stay connected with others by keeping dialogue open. If you THINK a warm or kind thought, SHARE it! Show you care by sending a quick text with that warm or kind thought. Have a conversation with a friend over coffee or have a family discussion in the car. Ask questions and spend more time listening than talking. Doing so will strengthen connections and result in greater understanding.

Plan Dates

Make dates with a significant other, family or friends. Find a time and place that works for both parties and mark it on your calendar. Writing dates down helps make them happen.

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