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Always Better Safe than Sorry

Boating Safety


Our summer intern, Makenzie, says that one of her favorite summer activities is going to the lake and riding on the boat or jet ski.  She researched the topic of water safety and wrote this week’s column.

Going to the lake is always fun and relaxing especially when it involves going out on the lake to ski, tube, jet ski, or just for a nice boat ride. However, there are some precautions lake-goers should take to ensure that their time out on a boat at the lake is spent well.


When going out for a boat ride, it is important to tell someone, who is staying on land, what the plan is. This would include where they plan to go, what they are doing (waterskiing, tubing, or just a boat ride), and how long they plan to be out on the water. It’s also important to check to make sure there is adequate sunscreen and lifejackets on board. Everyone should have a lifejacket when riding a boat or jet ski. Having an extra container filled with gas would be a smart idea to have along too. A routine check of the whole boat/jet ski should be made before it takes off. This would include making sure the lights and steering work, along with the electrical and heating systems and ventilation. Lastly, the weather forecast should be checked prior to going out on the water just to make sure no nasty weather is headed your way.

These precautions are important for going to the lake, and some additional precautions are necessary for ocean boating. If you are out on a boat on the ocean, it’s a little different than being out on one on a lake. First off, the water is colder in the ocean so if someone were to fall off, they may be at a risk of hypothermia depending on how long they are in the water. The waves and current are also stronger out on the ocean. It is important to be able to read what direction the wind is blowing and to know the limits of your boat when out on the ocean.

These precautions are simple tasks that should be completed before you take your boat/jet ski out on the water. By following the steps listed above, it will make your time out on the lake or ocean a safe and enjoyable time. For more information on boat safety, visit the websites http://www.dbw.ca.gov/BoaterInfo/SBH4Sum.aspx and https://www.broward.edu/discover/pressreleases/Pages/Broward-College-Offers-Safe-Boating-Tips-for-the-Summer.aspx.

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https://www.broward.edu/discover/pressreleases/Pages/Broward-    College-Offers-Safe-Boating-Tips-for-the-Summer.aspx

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