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5 Ways to Encourage Kids this School Year

5 Ways to Encourage Kids this School Year  8/24/18“Do you want your children to be the ones who easily give up when assignments get difficult… or do you hope they’ll have the confidence and grit required to keep going when the going gets tough?”

That was the opening question in a recent issue of Insider’s Club, a free weekly e-newsletter from Love and Logic.  It was followed by three more questions:

“What’s going to best prepare them for tomorrow’s extremely competitive workforce?”
“Will it be high grades because they only took the easier classes… or will it be somewhat lower   
  grades earned by finishing a more challenging course of study?”
“What’s most important: stellar grades or solid perseverance and skills?”

That same Love and Logic newsletter encouraged readers to give children the gift of seeing that satisfaction and growth come from facing challenges.  They suggested these five ways to encourage growth mindset, grit, and perseverance this school year:

  1. Focus on the strains, rather than the brains.  Instead of praising, “You are so bright,” notice their successes and ask, “How did you do that?”
  2. Help them blame their success on effort and perseverance.  If “I don’t know,” is the answer to your “How did you do that” question, ask, “Did you work hard, or did you keep trying?”
  3. Avoid placing them on a pedestal.  Capable kids often get so much positive feedback about their successes they begin to fear taking risks.  It’s as if they think, “If I try something challenging, I might not live up to what everybody thinks about me.  I’d better take the easier route.”
  4. Show them that failure is not final, it’s informative.  Many children develop a perfectionistic orientation by watching their rather perfectionistic parents.  Sadly, doing so leaves many kids fearful of taking healthy academic risks.  Do your best to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes, and say out loud, “I sure learned a lot from that!”
  5. Love them unconditionally.  Children need to know we love THEM.  They need to feel safe to make the mistakes that help them develop and reach their full potential.    

Love and Logic’s Insider’s Club provides a free weekly e-newsletter and other resources to help people strengthen their relationship with the children in their lives.  Go to https://www.loveandlogic.com/ to sign up.  The newsletters are available in English and Spanish.

Source:  Love and Logic https://www.loveandlogic.com/

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/en/self-confidence-self-confidence-2121159/  (downloaded 8/28/18)

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