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Emerald Ash Borer Awareness

Emerald Ash Borer AwarenessSargent County is in a small pocket of the state that is not seeing drought conditions.  We are seeing drier than normal conditions, which is why the planting progress has progressed very quickly in our area.  The weather decided to warm up this week and the corn fields are emerging very nicely across the county.  Soybean planting is also nearing completion, with a small number of acres remaining to plant on a county-wide scale.  The wheat crop that is planted is growing quickly and is painting green to the landscape in fields.  Like the rest of the state we are hopeful to get a rain shower this week which will help to speed the crops growth along.   

This week also is recognized as Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week.  Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an insect from Asia that attacks and kills ash trees.  EAB has not yet been found in North Dakota, and hopefully we can keep it out for quite a while.  Across the country people use EAB awareness week as an opportunity to educate the public about the importance of tree species diversity and the role firewood plays in the spread of this insect.  May communities in North Dakota have an ash tree population that consists of 65 percent or more of the boulevard trees, which is why once EAB arrives it could be devastating to our communities.

EAB will only affect ash trees, so correct identification of ash trees is important.  As I drove around the county within the last week I noticed that our communities have done a good job of marking the ash trees with green ribbon for awareness of which trees could be affected by EAB.  Some signs that EAB may be present in your ash trees include dieback of the crown of the tree.  Another area to look is under the bark, if you peel off the bark of the tree and see snakelike larva galleries under the bark this is also a sign that EAB may be present.  Another tell-tale sign of their presence is D-shaped exit holes on the trees.  For more information on EAB identification and management visit: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publications/lawns-gardens-trees/emerald-ash-borer-biology-and-integrated-pest-management-in-north-dakota/e1634.pdf

For more information or if you have questions contact the NDSU Extension Office.     

Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/emerald-ash-borer-tree-destruction-1447682/ (downloaded 5/25/21)



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