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Working Differently

The new year is fast approaching and its time again for the ritual of resolutions. It’s the perfect time to incorporate some new habits in your work processes. Here’s a few to consider to start working differently in the new year:
  • Open/revisit a Twitter account: Find at least 50 accounts to follow. Check the account twice a day. Add more interesting people/organizations to follow.
  • Subscribe to a blog: Since you can do this in Outlook, there’s no excuse any more. Blogs are everywhere on the Internet. Do a Google search and put the RSS feed in Outlook. Don’t know how? Google that too.
  • Start your own blog: There are several options for starting a blog, including one from Ag Comm Web Services. It’s easier than you think. And make it your resolution to add something to it at least once a week.
  • Subscribe to a podcast: If you’ve got an area of interest, there’s a podcast (an audio/video blog) on that topic. iTunes has an entire section devoted to podcasts, but you can find them elsewhere. (Once again, Google is your friend.) And, you don’t need an iPod to listen to them. You can listen right on your computer.
You don’t have to do all of these, and you don’t have to become highly proficient at or addicted to any of them. But give one a try until you understand how it works and it’s providing you valuable information. If it seems like it’s not worth your time, you need to devote a bit more effort to find something/someone of value. You should be able to devote less than an hour a week to this and get a good payback on the time invested. And it an easy place to begin working differently in the new year.

Happy Holidays!!!

-- Julie Kuehl

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