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Growing Interest in Pinterest

I've received quite a few questions lately about the social media site Pinterest. Interest in and use of the social "pin board" is growing quickly. In December 2011, Pinterest received 11 million visits in a week – a 400% growth in just six months.

Pinterest is a pretty simple tool; maybe that's why it is becoming so popular. It allows users to "pin" images and videos on "boards." The images and videos may have associated text and/or be linked to the source webpage or blog post.

A user can create boards and pin as many items as they wish on each board. Other users can then choose to follow any or all of those boards. The images and videos pinned to the boards a user follows are displayed for that user on a single board. Below is a screen capture of my "Pinners I Follow" board.

Screen capture of Pinterest board

Rather than the list of mostly text items users see on Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest gives users a visually engaging board (on the web) or the latest pinned images and videos one at a time (on the mobile app). It's easy to comment on or "like" something you see on Pinterest. You can also "repin" an item to one of your own boards.

Pinterest boards are public, like most Twitter feeds. When you follow someone's board(s) on Pinterest, there is no requirement that the person allows you to follow their board(s) or that they follow you back.

Users who want to do a lot of pinning should use the "Pin It" button. The button can be added to your browser's bookmarks bar. When you see an image on a webpage that you'd like to pin to one of your boards, click the Pin It button, choose your board, add text (if you want) and pin it.

Pinterest's users are 80% women, according to recent data from Google Ad Planner, as presented by Ignite Social Media. A quick look at the "Everything" board on Pinterest reveals a lot of pins realted to food, fashion, exercise and home decor. Although the Pinterest community may not always be dominated by the that type of content, it's current makeup suggests an opportunity for Extension to share images, videos and information from those subject areas traditionally of more interest to women.

If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest, join us for a conversation on the potential of Pinterest for Extension education, Friday, February 3, 2012 at 10 a.m. (CT).

I wasn't able to listen to your hour session this morning. Is it possible to access the recorded session? Or do you plan another session? Thanks so much!

Posted by Roxanne Miller on February 03, 2012 at 12:50 PM CST #

Thanks for the update on Pinterest. I have been using it to highlight a few personal interest and also to find what visual elements people like. In Ag, a group created the "Farms & Rural America, Food & Agriculture" board to share real pics of famr and ag. * Thanks again, John Blue

Posted by John Blue on February 09, 2012 at 08:19 PM CST #

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