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New Approach to Working Differently

In my last post, I mentioned changing our approach to "working differently." Working differently is the term we use to describe the individual and organizational change necessary for NDSU Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service to flourish in an increasingly networked society. We remain committed to the rationale and the plan for working differently, but Web Services will be changing our strategy for getting faculty and staff to change the way they work.

Since we outlined the working differently concept a little more than a year ago, we have been encouraging, cajoling and begging you to communicate with your customers in a new way. The focus has been on using new tools to reach new audiences. We have had some successes sharing information through Twitter and Facebook, but we really haven't changed the way we communicate. Our approach has continued to follow the broadcast model, one expert or small group of experts broadcasting out to the masses, hoping the message gets through.

In our training and presentations, Web Services has focused only on new ways for you to deliver, but the real power of online networks lies in the new ways you can receive and collaborate. That's why we are changing our approach. This year you will hear a lot less from us about how you can reach people using online networks and a lot more about how you can learn, make connections, collaborate and engage people online.

We will be encouraging you to use online networks for workplace learning, to make quality, work-related online connections and to increase your comfort with finding, sharing and commenting on information and learning in online networks.

As we re-work, rearrange and refine our efforts to get you and others involved in online networks, social tools and new media, we need to get an idea of where we are today.

You can help us find out. Just complete this survey  ( on your use of online networks and social tools for workplace learning.

The survey is just one piece of the evaluation puzzle. As we offer training, create resources and provide encouragement, we will will seeking out your feedback, individually and in small groups. Please don't hesitate to provide your feedback on our efforts directly. Call or email me anytime to ask a question, share a thought or have a conversation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bob Bertsch, Web Technology Specialist


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