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My Firsts at Fall Conference

I knew the annual Fall Conference this week would be a big deal and looking back I sure learned a lot. This was my first Fall Conference with NDSU Extension Service.

It was really great to get to meet people face-to-face. I think making that connection makes it easier for some people to reach out to you. I networked with a lot of people and handed out my business cards at the trainings, so hopefully my email and phone will be blowing up soon. I already have one meeting next week with someone who wants help with his web site on the Ag CMS.

Team spirit was evident everywhere. There were many smiles and I got a sense that people really enjoyed working with each other. And people seemed proud to be part of NDSU Extension Service.

I was on the program to co-present with Bob Bertsch but in truth, he did most of the materials prep, presenting and answering questions. I still learn something new from his trainings, even though I’ve taken them before. GREAT JOB, BOB!

I did my first training to Extension with Monday’s Facebook Pages breakout. Some people were happy to hear about scheduling posts in Facebook – a real time saver, while others were still hesitant about starting a Facebook Page due to the complexity of needing to have an individual profile in order to create a Page. The Facebook Presentation can be found here.

The iPad training went well. Thank goodness for my co-presenter CJ Johnson. He’s used the iPad a lot longer than me and was able to share some pretty neat tips and tricks to even the seasoned users (do you know about the 4-finger swipe?). I covered the pre-installed apps like email, notes, etc. and he covered the fun stuff like apps. And that’s ok because he has more experience with apps. Just got my first training evaluation in, and it looks like my part was boring while his was more “helpful”. He’s got great presentation skills and I really enjoy working with him.

On the other side of the podium (so to speak) I attended “ND Needs More Cows” with Chuck Fleming from the ND Ag Dept. I took it to get out of my comfort level. Enough of Facebook, iPads, etc. Bring on the cows! But it was interesting to learn what Chuck is working on. He’s come out of retirement to make the cow industry an economic force in ND. He praised Extension’s work and asked that they help him promote Cattle in ND. Sounds like some of our beef pubs online need to be updated so if you need help with that, please let me know. Chuck would like to link to them.

The awards ceremony was great. It’s nice to be recognized for years of service and the programs that were awarded were outstanding. Keep up the good work.

As the week winds down I’m viciously trying to take notes on what could go better next year. I’d like to be more prepared with my presentation materials (have them ready a week in advance instead of a day in advance!) and have evaluations ready to go right after the conference. Momentum drops off sharply after an event is done so you need to wrap things up quickly while it's still fresh in mind. I’m eager to see what the event and training evaluations are.

Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the conference happen.

Share your thoughts on the trainings and conference in general in the Comments section.

Sonja Fuchs
Web Technology Specialist/Agriculture Communication
North Dakota State University


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