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Learning Networks: source, filter and flow

Here's a visualization of the sources, filters and flows of information in a learning network. I adapted it from a chart created by Corinne Weisgerber and Shannan Butler (

No one can possibly filter out the noise from the valuable information on the Internet on their own.

The visualization shows how you can use the people you are connected to in your learning network to help you filter content and discover what you value.

Curators can be particularly helpful in filtering. They collect, filter contextualize and share information on a particular subject. Tools like Pinterest, and Pearltrees (among others) allow curators to share and you to follow their collections.

Personalized stream tools can also help your filter content. Some tools, like Zite, let you define the kind of content you'd like to receive, then rate the content you see. If you give a piece of content a positive rating, you will see more content like that piece. Flipboard and Pulse are examples of other stream tools.

It's great to have smart people and helpful tools in your learning network, but in the end it comes down to you. The CRAAP Test was developed by the Meriam Library at Californis State University - Chico to help you evaluate online information. Deciding what content can be trusted and is relevant to you is a critical part of using your learning network.

Finally your learning network is not complete until you start sharing. Sharing your content, experience and ideas online helps others build their learning networks, and it helps you enhance your network by strengthening your connections with others and opening new paths to discovery.


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