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Grammar Girl

Where do you go with questions about grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Do you look to a tattered dictionary? Perhaps the Associated Press Style Guide?

Ever heard of Grammar Girl?

For many people comfortable with the online and social media landscape, Grammar Girl is a more definitive authority than Webster, Oxford, or the AP. Why? Because she is where they are - online. She has a podcast, an email newsletter, a website, an RSS feed, a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, and yes, even a few books. She delivers tips and tricks in short, specific, topical chunks once a week. You can listen, read, download, or otherwise ingest the information in pretty much any way you might prefer. And many people turn to her first when they have a grammar, spelling, or punctuation question.


Well, if you want to check out Grammar Girl and use her as your literary resource, I encourage you to do so. But I think the bigger lesson is how one person changed the landscape in such a time-honored (some would say stodgy) area by taking information that is readily available elsewhere and repackaging it. Providing the information in multiple formats and letting people choose how they prefer to receive it had the effect of seeing her around every turn which built up both visibility and authority. She served as the filter and the expert. 

It’s something that Extension folks could learn from.

-- Julie Kuehl


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