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Facebook Scheduling is a Time Saver!

If you manage a Facebook Page for your county, REC or department there’s a great newer feature both Bob Bertsch have been using for the Ag Comm Web Services page. Scheduling lets you set it and forget it!

This feature has been convenient in several scenarios; Bob and I take turns posting to Facebook on a weekly basis (which we manage through an editorial calendar). Rather than having to post something daily, I spend one day reading and finding good information to share for the upcoming week and I can go in to Facebook and schedule a week’s worth of posts, at just one seating. A whole week of posting duties done in just a few minutes!

You can schedule posts up to 6 months in advance, so this came in handy for Ron Smith, NDSU horticulturist, who will be out of the office in the coming week but still was responsible for posting to the NDSU Lawns, Gardens & Trees Facebook page. He was able to schedule two posts, one for when he is gone, and for the week he returns. He’ll probably come back from vacation with many calls and emails to reply to, so his Facebook posting will be one less thing to worry about upon his return.

Through the Activity Log in Facebook, you can view upcoming posts and make changes to the time (up to the minute) the post will publish. Bob and I are able to see each others posts and ensure that we are not duplicating information, as we tend to read information from the same sources.

Do you like working evenings and on weekends? Probably not and here’s where Facebook scheduling comes in handy again. A recent article from Mashable shows that for some marketers, Sunday posts and posts after 8 p.m. bring the most interaction. During your working hours you can schedule your posts and voilà – there it is at prime viewing time. We’ve been using this feature for several months and it’s very reliable.

See the Ag Comm Let's Communicate blog for instruction on how to do Facebook scheduling.

If you need any help with Facebook scheduling, please contact Bob Bertsch or me.

- Sonja Fuchs

Web Technology Specialist/Agriculture Communication
North Dakota State University


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