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When working with your Ag CMS website you can choose how you want information displayed. A couple of recent changes to the "Blog View" and the addition of the "Ag CMS Summary View" have altered how text and images can be displayed in folders and collections.

Ag CMS Summary View

The Summary View presents the same information as the default view of a folder or collection, but is nicer looking than just a list of files. There are horizontal lines that separate one item from another, and a link to “Read More...” is added. The title of the item - whether it be a Page, a News Item, or an Article - is used as a header. If you added a description, that is displayed to provide further information about the content of the item.

In Summary View, News Items display a bit differently than other types. They include a byline that lists the author and the date/time of publication. They also display the image attached to the News Item to the right of the column.

Ag CMS users asked for the ability to display images from other content items (pages, articles, etc.) in the Summary View. In response to that request, we have added the "AgCMS Summary View" to the display menu for folders and collections. The "AgCMS Summary View" is similar to "Summary View," but it will display the first image inserted into or attached to any content item.

Here's what 3 items, each with an image attached or inserted into the text, look like in "Summary View".

Summary View of folder in Ag CMS 

Here's what the same 3 items, each with an image attached or inserted into the text, look like in "AgCMS Summary View".

AgCMS Summary View of a folder in Ag CMS

Blog View

Previously Blog View displayed Articles with the attached images, files and links organized as text links at the bottom. This made for an unappealing layout of Articles in Blog View. That has been changed so Articles display in the Blog View just as they do when you view the actual item. Pages and News Items also display their images right in the Blog View as they would appear on their individual pages.

Here's what an article with images attached and a page with an image inserted into the text look like in "Blog View".

Blog View of a folder in Ag CMS

We hope these changes will add to the visual interest of you website. If you have questions about folders, collections and their display options, please contact us: Julie Kuehl, 701-231-6403 ; Bob Bertsch, 701-231-7381.


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