North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station


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Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences

CRIS # Project Title Project Investigator
CRIS 0208839 Great Plains portal to food safety: Educating tomorrow's leaders Wolf-Hall,C.,Garden-Robinson,J., Hall,C., Hinsz,V., Khaitsa,M., Nganje,W.,
CRIS 0207747 Microarray scanner Pruess,B.M.
CRIS 0207337 Sources of cryptosporidium in a rural North Dakotan river McEvoy,J.M.
CRIS 0206890 Food safety risk assessment, N.D. Freeman,D., Logue,C., Sellnow,T., Hinsz,V., Nganje,W., Khaitsa,M., Gibbs,P., Panigrahi,S., Hall,C., and Glower,J.
CRIS 0206460 Regulation of virulence factors by proteins of the flagellar system in enteric bacteria Pruess,B.M
CRIS 0205968 Development of animal models to study regulation of virulence factors in enteric bacteria Pruess,B.M
CRIS 0205967 Evaluation of ozone as an antimycotoxin and microbiocidal treatment for wheat and barley Wolf-Hall,C., Hellevang,K., Manthey,F., Nganje,W., Schwarz,P., and Wiesenborn,D.
CRIS 0205398 Animal disease: Mechanisms of pathogenesis Berry,E.S., Gibbs,P.S.,Logue,C., McEvoy,J., Preuss,B., and Schuh,J.
CRIS 0205397 Mycotoxins: Biosecurity and food safety Wolf-Hall,C.
CRIS 0205119 Fungal asthma: Epithelial involvement in allergic sensitization and airway remodelling Schuh,J.
CRIS 0203697 Food safety and security Freeman,D.A., Logue,C.M., Panigrahi,S., Gibbs,P., McEvoy,J., and Khaitsa,M.
CRIS 0203087 Risk assessment and control strateties for Escherichia Coli 0157:H7 and salmonella in ND beef cattle pre-harvest Khaitsa,M.
CRIS 0202627 Isolation and characterization of Escherichia Coli from cattle in ND Gibbs,P.
CRIS 0202589 Intelligent quality sensor for food safety Freeman,D., Panigrahi,S., Logue,C., Wolf-Hall,C. Marchello,M., Huo,Q., Huang,C., and Glower,J.
CRIS 0200257 Animal disease: Diagnosis, surveillance and research Dyer,N., Freeman,D. Gibbs,P. Mostrom,M., and Newell,T.
CRIS 0199625 Food safety risk assessment Logue,C.M., Nganje,W., Sellnow,T., Hinsz,V., Jensen,P., and Khaitsa,M.
CRIS 0198454 Management of Grain quality and security for world markets Wolf-Hall,C., Manthey,F., and Chakraborty,M.
CRIS 0197918 Biosecurity: Disease surveillance and food safety Freeman,D.,Dyer,N. Ringwall,K., and Faller,T.
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