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Animal and Range Sciences

CRIS #Project TitleProject Investigator
CRIS 0207131 Acquisition of color doppler equipment to measure blood flow

Grazul-Bilska, A.T.

CRIS0205396 Role of compensatory growth in epigenetic control of mammary gene expression and lactation Park, C.S.
CRIS 0202593 Reproductive performance in domestic ruminants Vonnahme,K.
CRIS 0202590 Multi-species grazing and herbicide control on leafy spurge-infested rangeland Barker,W.
CRIS 0202345 Restoring prairies: Plant diversity production and stability Biondini,M.
CRIS 0202023 Nitrogen cycling, loading, and use efficiency in forage-ased livestock production systems Caton,J., Lardy,G., and Bauer, M.
CRIS 0201961 Effects of maternal undernutrition and high selenium during gestation on growth and vasclarization of key nutrient transferring tissues Caton,J. Vonnahme,K., and Redmer,D.
CRIS 0200993 Placental efficiency in the ewe: Characterization of the angiogeni profile and vasoactive properties during placentome conversion. Vonnahme,K.A.
CRIS 0200256 Beef systems of excellence Lardy,G.P., Berg,P., Marchello,J., and Odde,K.
CRIS 0199046 Effects of dormant season grazing on herbage production and plant growth Sedivec,K. and Faller,T.
CRIS 0195888 The impact of micronutrients on meat quality and safety Marchello,M.J.
CRIS 0195887 Supplementation strategies to improve cow-calf production efficiency and profitability Lardy,G. Landblom,D., Bauer,M. Caton,J., Anderson,V. and Kreft,B
CRIS 0195391 Detection and eradication of Ovine Scrapie TSE at NDSU Redmer,D.A., Moore,B.L., Berg,P.B., and Stoltenow,C.
CRIS 0194511 Metabolic relationships in supply of nutrients for lactating cows Schroeder,J.W.,Park,C.S., and Bauer,M.L.
CRIS 0192756 Role of angiogenic factors in ovarian function Redmer,D.A. and Reynolds,L.P.
CRIS 0189981 Role of gap junctions in regulation of luteal function Grazul-Bilska,A.T.
CRIS 0187032 Interaction of simulated drought and grazing on rangeland Kirby, D.R., Nyren, P.E., Biondini, M.E., and Patton, B.
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