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Faculty granted tenure, receive promotions - 2019


We would like to extend congratulations to each of these individuals receiving promotion and/or tenure within NDSU Agriculture.

Teresa Bergholz Teresa Bergholz, Microbiological Sciences, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective August 16. Bergholz’s research is in the area of food safety microbiology. Program goals are to understand how environmental stresses impact the persistence of enteric pathogens in the food supply and to develop controls to reduce or eliminate these pathogens in various foods. She teaches food microbiology, general microbiology II lab, advanced food microbiology and microbiology capstone.
Christina Hargiss Christina Hargiss, School of Natural Resource Sciences - Natural Resources Management, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective July 1. Hargiss teaches environmental outreach methods, national environmental policy act and environmental impact assessment, natural resources and agro-ecosystems, SNRS capstone course, and urban ecosystem management. She conducts research on water quality, road dust and energy development, environmental education, wetlands, and urban ecosystems. Hargiss also is the SNRS teaching and curriculum leader.
Xinhua Jia

Xinhua Jia, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, has been promoted to professor effective July 1. Jia’s research area is hydrologic processes for water cycles in the Northern Great Plains. She is focused on drainage water management, snow hydrology and plastic mulch for high value crop production. Most of her field research requires months or years to complete. She teaches natural resource management systems along with a lab, and drainage and wetland engineering.

Deying Li Deying Li, Plant Sciences, has been promoted to professor effective July 1. Li is responsible for teaching sports turf operations, landscape irrigation design, and landscape irrigation installation and maintenance. He also oversees field experience for students working on degrees in turf grass management options. His research has focused on factors affecting the establishment and persistence of turf grass species and the effect of abiotic stresses on grass species selection and management.
Zhaohui Liu
Zhaohui Liu
, Plant Pathology, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective July 1.  Liu conducts research on three economically important foliar diseases affecting wheat production in North Dakota; bacterial leaf streak (BLS), tan spot (TS), and Septoria nodorum blotch. He teaches graduate courses in physiology of plant diseases and bacteriology.
Esther McGinnis Esther McGinnis, Plant Sciences, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective July 1.  McGinnis provides leadership in the development and implementation of Extension horticultural education programs. She also leads the statewide Extension Master Gardener program and coordinates volunteer projects across the state. Her research programs include pollinator preferences, management of spotted wing drosophila in North Dakota fruits, evaluation of plant materials for rain garden environments, and high tunnel season extension.
Rebekah Oliver
Rebekah Oliver
, Plant Sciences, has been promoted to associate professor of practice effective August 16.  Oliver teaches the genetics lecture and laboratory each fall semester, and world food crops each spring. She serves as an undergraduate advisor to students in crop and weed sciences, and advises approximately 19 students each year.
Michael Ostlie Michael Ostlie, Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC), has been promoted to research professor effective July 1. Ostlie’s research focuses on agronomic production of crops grown in central North Dakota. His research program is producer driven with specific research efforts including weed management, cover crops and intercropping, crop/livestock integration, variety evaluation, pollinator/cropping integration, precision agriculture, and crop biological inputs.
Julie Pasche Julie Pasche, Plant Pathology, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective July 1.  Pasche’s research is on diseases of dry bean and cool season pulse crops (dry pea, chickpea, and lentil). Her research program addresses topics important to understanding the biology and management of these diseases using both traditional and molecular methods of investigation. Pasche teaches fungal biology, a key course in the plant pathology graduate curriculum.
Md. Mukhlesur Rahman Md. Mukhlesur Rahman, Plant Sciences, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective July 1. Rahman created the canola breeding program, and was adept at changing the focus of the program from developing open-pollinated varieties to inbred line development for hybrid seed production. His role expanded to include the flax breeding program. He is now the project leader of the NDSU oilseed breeding program that focuses on canola and flax. He teaches an intermediate genetics course each year.
Andy Robinson Andy Robinson, Plant Sciences, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective July 1.  Robinson leads an Extension education program on potato production for the two-state production region of North Dakota and Minnesota. He works closely with the region’s 250 growers on growing conditions, pests, and biotic and abiotic diseases of potato, as well as issues that are specific to seed production, fresh market, chipping, and French fry potato acres. He uses a variety of methods to deliver his Extension programming to the potato industry.
Gerald Stokka Gerald Stokka, Animal Sciences, has been awarded tenure effective July 1.  Stokka provides Extension education to state stakeholders and the veterinary industry on issues surrounding animal well-being, stewardship, and animal husbandry. His program is unique as it combines his expertise in veterinary medicine with livestock stewardship needs for the state. He also developed a research focus into cattle immunology and behavior, and has engaged the public with a weekly “Vets on Call” program on satellite radio.
Abbey Wick Abbey Wick, School of Natural Resource Sciences – Soil Science, has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective July 1. Wick’s Extension focus is on soil health. She implemented a Soil Health Café Talk program, developed advanced soil health websites, and launched the “AgWeek Soil Health Minute” on the AgWeek television show, magazine and social media. She developed the concept of the Soil Health and Agriculture Research Extension (SHARE) Farm, and, with the help of landowners and commodity groups, established the original farm near Mooreton, ND with a second location near Logan Center, ND.
Shaobin Zhong Shaobin Zhong, Plant Pathology, has been promoted to professor effective August 16.  Zhong is a leading expert on Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) disease of wheat and of cereal fungal pathogens of economic importance to North Dakota agriculture. His research efforts make significant progress in the identification and characterization of FHB resistance in spring wheat and durum wheat. He teaches advanced mycology in alternate years.
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