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September 27 Horticulture Column


Wow!!!  More water again, isn’t this what the doctor ordered!!!!  Yesterday I was talking to a gardener and mentioned that he did not water his lawn all summer and I said “really”, that isn’t because it rained all summer is it?  To be honest I NEVER even fertilized my lawn after that initial application this spring.  Wow, that was fun as well as it saved me a little money and work.  I was convinced to try a weed and feed product this fall and will tell you next spring and summer of what I thought.  I applied this product on half of my lawn and left the other half to my normal feed and weed strategies that I talk about quite often.  Phosphorus is a very good product in establishing strong roots and winter survival.  I also need to mention that most all weed products prevent new weed growth by leaving a surface layer of herbicide that “most” weed seeds will not germinate in.  This time of year does not have a lot of weed seeds growing so why would we apply this product now and not in the spring right before soil temperatures allow weed germination.  The longer the herbicide is air exposed the less effective the products become.  Depending on cropping and or application rate this amount of time could last a couple of months or up to 5-6 months.  Preen is a very good example of how these weed type products work. 

The slug population has been out of control this fall.  I have found “numerous amounts” of slugs in my potatoes (with damage) in my carrots (with damage)and of course, the hostas.  We will need to keep a very watchful eye on those pests for the next growing season.  There are many good products that work on them to include an application of Sevin on the ground area around the plants you want to protect.  This includes the garden area.

Speaking of gardening, I am already wondering about gardening rotation and what produce to plant next year.  I am being really careful of clean up and also making a map of location of said produce.  It is very interesting to plant various types of the same vegetable like carrots.  There is a tremendous amount of differences among carrot plants for example.  I planted three different types and they are very different with one being really good to eat fresh and others that are better as a supper entre.       


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