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September 13 Horticulutre Column


Well spring has sprung?????  Just kidding as it looks like “fall” is upon us.  I look around and the signs of fall are everywhere.  Perennials are really melting, except for a few that really shine in the fall beauty, the gardens are wilting and finishing their fall giving, the tree leaves are showing signs of wilting or all of the disease and insect damage we had this summer and most importantly fall usually means snow is not far away (what an awful thought).  I look at my own yard and soon realize that maybe I should have been paying more attention to my yard than I HAVE BEEN over the last month.  Slugs seemed to have moved in and really seem to love those ripe tomatoes that are hidden on the bottom part of the plant and the weeds are really showing their stuff as they prepare for the long winter season ahead.  As I looked at our water feature you would also get the feeling the end is near as things are getting more silt deposits, acorns are everywhere and would you know it a leak appeared.  Have you ever tried looking for a leak in an area that is full of rocks, ¼ inch rubber that I used for the lining that a little pin hole would be like looking in a haystack.  Well I will continue my process and will succeed but may take a while.  All summer long we also enjoyed the plants growing around the area until one day last week realizing that cattails were over taking the whole pond area.  I did plant a pond cattail last year and has much different leaf shape than our cousins that grow everywhere in the wild but surprising I had some show up in our pond and they send rhizomes like you cannot believe.  It is no wonder they are such a pain in the wild.  My next big chore is fertilizing our lawn and whacking off weeds with a herbicide application.  This is a very good time of year to be controlling your lawn weeds as they prepare for the long winter season ahead.  They are actively growing to store all of the energy they can and applying a herbicide gives much better weed control in the fall than any other time of year.  Two things to remember and that is first know what weed you are trying to control as all herbicides do not have certain weed species on the label and secondly make a proper application.  Don’t drench and don’t mix an inappropriate mixture (always read and follow the label of the herbicide you are using).


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