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October 25 Horticulture Column


Well it sounds like the gardening season is about to come to an end.  Winds up to fifty miles per hour and snow sounds like winter is fast approaching.  Thank goodness for the month of October because September was sure the pits.  I have had several phone calls about planting grass in the fall.  Fall is actually a great time to plant grass as it becomes much easier to keep the soil moisture more accurate.  Actually just kidding as fall is the best time to plant grass and let the winter snow be the moisture supply next spring.  Plant your grass normally and cover it up with a light layer of soil.  You do not need to mulch the area however it would be beneficial.  The grass should do just fine next spring.  Keep in mind there are other factors that could come into play like a very dry and hot spring that might cause a poor stand but generally your grass should look very good come June and July.  The other thing to mention this morning is; have you been seeing a lot of skunks around lately?  The skunk season is upon us as they are busy getting ready for the long winter season ahead.  I have had two phone calls of homeowners complaining about holes dug in their yard and very likely that is the remains of skunks looking for those grubs we find in the lawn during the winter.  They can make a mess but actually are doing you a favor by getting rid of those grubs that create dead spots in the yard next spring. The last thing to mention this morning is the your lawn preparation.  Remember fall is a great time to plant a little additional grass seed to your lawn for a great look next year.  I like to apply about a pound of grass seed each fall to not only enhance the whole lawn but help fill in those areas that do not respond to grass growing. It may not help much but a little growing is better than no growing grass.  Remember if you need a question answered please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 701-662-7030 if you have any questions about your landscaped yard or getting ready for next years’ preparation.


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