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November 1 Horticulture Column


The weather certainly has changed even though not rainy but colder than what we were used to.  As I walked into church you could not but notice the chill in the air.  Then, as we were driving home from church, realized that I still had the water pumps in the pond and holding tank. I had not looked in the back yard for a couple of weeks and completely overlooked that fall project. I did get the pumps out but with a couple of mishaps.  The last moisture event fill the pond and holding tank full, not thinking to turn the power off I released the clamps on the hose and the pump fell down into the water and to my surprise turned on. The water is very cold this time of year and with a two inch discharge hole does not take long to get me drenched. In the mean time I woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling like a cold is upon me.  The other thing I could not help but notice was the amount of ice on the pond.  There was two inches of ice and looking for more.  I know that it has been cold but did not think we had ice or frozen ground yet. Finally getting to the point of my column is bugs. In all of this I had found some bugs still alive and wondered how those little creatures could still be alive. How many of you actually did a fall prep on your home? Somehow those activities got sidelined at our house. I had good intentions but with all of the meetings and helping with fall tillage I got sidetracked.  It was annoying last night as we watched the baseball game to watch little tiny insects flying through the air. These little bugs are definitely smarter than we give them credit for, they know where it is warmer. There are many good products that can be used in the house but I am really encouraging you to keep an eye on any houseplants. They are actually quite easy to scout and even easier to control.  Depending on the size of the plant put a shower of water over them and it does a really not job of insect control.  It also does a very nice job of cleaning the dust off of them.  “REMEMBER TO NOT DO THIS WHERE THEY ARE HANGING OR STANDING, IF YOU CAN PUT EITHER IN THE TUB OR SINK FOR THE WASHING.” 


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