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May 31, 2010 Horticulture Column


What a weekend!!  The grass is growing, the gardens are on steroids, the flower gardens are really hopping and I finally got to get our boat on the water.  I found a few technicalities but after some tinkering finally managed to get a little fishing done.  I also got a lot of those little details done, around the yard, that are not tough tasks but just need to be done.  I also found some Koi, for our water feature, and they think they have a mind of their own.  They have a tendency to swim downstream and end up somewhere they shouldn’t but they will get over it.  I finished planting the last of my hosta’s and promised I would not look for any others named hostas until next year.  I wonder how long that will last? 

A question came in this week about a reason my flower died.  This plant has been in a pot for 2-3 weeks and was actually looking very good but suddenly died.  In this case it appears too much water.  All plants are the same and react the same, in soil, they need a mix of oxygen and water to maintain a strong viable plant.  Too much water ties up all of the oxygen in the soil and does not allow the plant that freedom of mixing oxygen with water thus drowning the plant.  A good rule of thumb is to place your thumb on the soil surface and if wet soil particles stick to your thumb you are overwatering the plant.


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