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June 7, 2010 Horticulture Column

Howdy from the hort world!!!

I am writing this on Monday morning and wow what a beautiful day!!!!!  I was able to get most of my garden activities done this weekend that I was hoping for however the list does not seem to end.  Someday I will sit back and say it is now time to go fishing.  The garden is moving along like someone shot it out of a cannon.  My corn will easily make knee high by the forth.  Thomas, Melissa and grandson Brody were over last night and as we sat in the middle of water feature area, one could not but help enjoy the sounds of water moving, birds chirping and just the fact the night was gorgeous.  It was so relaxing that I found myself not wanting to move but listen to the surroundings and of course the conversation.  Thomas was relating the fact that the rain had stopped any progress on finishing up spring planting but that a break was o.k.

Mushrooms====maddening to say the least.  They seem to grow and never go away unless the rain decides to quit for a while.  Mushrooms are the result of decaying wood.  Somewhere and sometime there was either a tree that was removed or a piece of wood left behind from construction that got covered up or some other wood product, are all examples of decaying wood.  So, if it quits raining or the wood finally decays away your problem will leave.  There is no pesticide to apply other than mow them off or rake the area.  I would not let anyone eat those mushrooms, however.

Forest Tent Catepillar==== bad, bad bug.  Do you have trees that are really being devastated with leaf loss, we need to pay close attention to the insect population.  Forest Tent Caterpillars will completely wipe the leaves off of the trees in just a few short days.  These insects can be different colors to include a dark colored insect about a half inch long with a light colored stripe down to green colored with a light stripe.  If you notice these insects please get them treated as soon as possible.  There are many really good insecticides available to help alleviate the problem and will need to treat next spring to totally eliminate the problem.


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