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June 14, 2010 Horticulture Column


The sun is sure shinning bright today, however another chance of rain so by the time you read this we will definitely know, the end result.  Well this past week I made the mistake of spraying my yard for weeds with a northwest wind.  The mistake came when Deb informed me that I had gotten a little close to a row of peas and four tomato plants.  I know you are going to say practice what you preach but I sprayed the day I did because the wind was right for my garden.  I even threw a little dirt in the air to monitor the wind direction.  The only thing I can figure is that the spruce trees created a swirling affect and actually brought the herbicide back over the top.  Thank goodness I did not do real bad damage.  This is a classic example of being careful was not careful enough.  I also a  yard where someone had sprayed Roundup and did kill the contact area but also as they walked along saw dead areas extending out from the applied area.  This little story is only designed to illustrate the extreme care we need to take when applying a herbicide.  We always say we are very careful but in this roundup case, not careful enough.

Last Tuesday we had that severe thunderstorm pass through the lake region area with some hail damage in the area.  It seems the most affected area followed a line, with variations off of this line, but highway 19 through the northern part of Devils Lake.  There was also hail in many other areas but this area seemed to have gotten the brunt of the hail.  The reports I have heard are pea sized to ¾ inch sized hail.  There have been questions about the garden veggies and what can they stand.  There are many differences but things like onions and corn unless it was over 4-5 leaves should recover but obviously delay maturity.  If you have any questions about how the hail affected your garden give me a call at 701-662-7030 and I would be happy to take a look at your garden.

Oh, boy, the weather we have been having is really playing havoc on our tree and shrub population.  Be listening on KDLR and Cruiser on Wednesday morning 8:40 am and we will talk about tree problems.  There are so many I could not cover all of them today but to keep a watchful eye on spider mites and sawflies in spruce and Tent Caterpillars and aphids in deciduous trees.



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