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April 12, 2010 Horticulture Column



Happy spring season to all of you.  It was really great to be out in the yard cleaning and pruning away any of the old, getting ready for the new.  I have many perennials that are already showing their faces and others that you can feel the new growth coming.  I was especially anxious to get my yard worked over as I had three quite large areas that had snow mold this spring.  Snow mold is created by a heavy mix of compacted snow over the lawn creating an area between the grass and snow that generates a humid and snow mold environment.  You will especially find snow mold in areas that snowblowers threw or others areas of compacted snow.  These areas do need special attention as snow mold can be a very severe problem to the point of killing the grass.  Snow mold creates an area where a fine web looking area covers the grass and actually pushes the grass down to the ground creating an environment that does not allow any air to penetrate the grass surface.  This high humidity area does not allow sun penetration and 99% of the time the grass will die.  My preference is to apply about 2 pounds of Nitrogen per 1000 sq/ft and 1-2 pounds of grass per 1000 sq/ft.  I then run a small harrow over that area to loosen up the packed grass and also help incorporate the seed and nitrogen into the soil surface.   I then rake the area and remove any dead grass.  The other thing I want to mention is white grubs.  If you have areas that look dead and usually small in nature (2-4 feet in diameter) you might want to check for white grubs.  The best way to tell if you have white grubs is to grab onto the dead grass and if you can lift the grass and soil slightly you very likely have white grubs.  Sevin works very good in the control of white grubs.  If you ever have any questions please either stop by or call 701-662-7030.  I will either answer your question over the phone and if it sounds like something I need to look at I will come and take a look. Have one mighty fine day!!!




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