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May 12, 2014 Horticulture Column

Gardening in your Yard!!!

I am anxiously awaiting for the weather to clear to plant more of my garden.  My potatoes are peaking through the ground, even though it is extremely cold, 40 degrees.  Not much seed growing will take place at that temperature but things like potatoes, onions and peas can be planted without much worry of frost.  My first two rows of peas are now emerging and getting ready to plant the next two rows, trying to spread out the pea harvest.  Deb’s goal is to have the garden full of peas as she is the pea queen.  Seriously have Deb had her way the whole garden would be planted to peas and maybe one cucumber plant.  I have compromised and get to plant half of the garden to carrots, potatoes, onions and a couple of cucumber plants. 

Relay for Life Garden Tour!!!

A date has been set for the annual Relay for Life Garden tour.  This will be the 11th annual Garden Tour showcasing beautiful gardens in the Devils Lake and surrounding areas.  The date will be Thursday, July 17, 2014.  So here is your chance to take a peak of the beautiful yards in our community and give you some ideas that might work in your own yard.   Mark your calendars and more will be forth coming. 

Dead spots in the yard!!

Last week I wrote about the dead spots in your lawn and I am here to tell you my experience.  I too had a bad back yard, got it all cleaned up and decided to plant my grass seed.  I did all of the things that we are to do with the exception of one thing and that is to tell the birds to leave the grass seed alone.  I had spread the seed and then raked my yard three times with a yard harrow.  I woke up the next morning and saw the little feathered friends having at their morning breakfast.  I scared them but that did not last long so bought an owl to place on the lawn.  I purchased one with a rotating head and discovered Monday morning that they were using the owl for a perch rest.  I suppose the next thing will be to bring out the ammunition. Hahahahaha!!!

How to control weeds ???

How many times have you wondered if there was a product to spray your garden or flower bed with which will help reduce weed pressure.  There is a product call Preen and it is nothing new as it has been around a long time.  The product can be used on many different plants and is applied to the ground and either watered in or raked very lightly in the area and you will be surprised how much better your area will be weed free.  It can be used in either the garden or flower bed and on the back side of the preen container you will find a label of what plants it can be used on.  Some will require preplant incorporated and others will require an application after planting but does cover a wide range of plants.  I use it in my gardens.

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