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March 10, 2014 Horticulture Column

Gardening in your Yard!!!

Well spring is fast approaching and I know some would say that spring is here but with temperatures like we had last week we would be hard pressed to talk about spring; however the temperatures over the weekend changed our minds a lot of the chance of spring actually coming.  I know it changed mine and actually started thinking a lot of what I was going to do in the yard and garden this growing season. 

The local garden club and I have had discussions on hosting a gardening event and possible a different venue has arrived.  Travel seems to be getting more difficult and expensive and with that said Tom Kalb (NDSU Extension Horticulturist) is offering a 4 evening series of classes, across the state.  These classes will be offered using Blackboard, which can be seen on your home computer.  The series of classes begin on March 25th at 6 pm and follow that up with sessions on Thursday, March 27, April 1 and April 3rd.  These classes will all be at the same time and locally held in the Armory of the Memorial building.  These sessions are free but you do need register either on line at www.ag.ndsu.edu/springfever or stop by our office to be able to sit in on the sessions.  For more information you can call me at 701-662-7030 or 662-7027.  This is a great opportunity to hear about many different aspects of gardening from 12 different presenters.

As we approach the spring season and look forward to the snow disappearing remember to keep an eye on your yards.  The last few years we have been experiencing a lot of snow mold.  This particular disease can be very hard on your grass to the point of killing the grass if is not aired out.  Snow mold, is formed by an environment of deep snow across your lawn and remains there for an extended amount of time while the grass and soil are warmer than the snow.  This creates a very moist condition and as we all know mold forms from extended periods of high moisture.  The best way to help your grass is the raking of the area that the mold appears.  Caution needs to be mentioned that you stay away from heavy garden tractors so not to leave ruts across the area.  A light raking, as soon as possible, does a pretty nice job of airing out the grass and keeping your yard vibrant.  

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