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July 1, 2013 Horticulture Column

Gardening in your yard!!!  Wow the weeds are growing everywhere and seems even new ones that we have not seen before but then they are growing so fast that we have been having difficulty keeping up with weed control.  The more effective weed control management strategies is to get after your weeds early in their life and stay on them.  Another strategy is to use a herbicide that is effective against the weed you are trying to get rid of.  The labels on each herbicide talks specifically of the weeds controlled.  So, as always read and follow the label, per specific herbicide, to obtain maximum results.  Many home gardeners are guilty of purchasing a product that says weed killer and assume that is the herbicide that will do the job.  Different herbicides do different things, for example: some have differing amounts of active ingredient, others have different active ingredients that work better on specific weeds and yet others come as RTU.  RTU stands for Read To Use product with no mixing needed for pesticide use.  These products usually have very low herbicide content as a way to protect our home gardeners from creating further damage.  The best way to control a weed or weeds is to make a solution of the chemical labeled for the weeds in a labeled rate.  Meaning, measure the area to be sprayed and spray one time with no water to see how much solution you will need.  You can then determine how much of the herbicide to use for your area and mix accordingly.  Remember , it is not about drenching the weed but making an application that gets good coverage of the plant.  DO NOT DRENCH THE PLANT AS THAT ONLY BURNS OFF THE LEAVES AND DOES NOT ALLOW THE PLANT TO ABSORB THE PRODUCT INTO THE ROOTS.  A fine mist of solution is all that is needed.  The last thing to remember is it may be necessary to make another application a week later to further enhance your control of the weed.

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