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September 17, 2012 Horticulture Column


Summer has gone and fall is now upon us.  The nights have really cooled and day time highs are considerably lower than only a couple of weeks ago.  We have been busy making salsa and other great fall canner’s.  Our tomato crop has really been on fire and we have the best tomatoes we have ever had, not even any blossom end rot.  We are going to try a new recipe tonight with another batch of salsa and even can a few to make tomato soup, my favorite.  I have been digging carrots and boy, oh, boy has my garden ever dried out.  The cracks are big and even the carrots are dried as we you would pick them and place them on a counter top for a couple of days.  They are sweeter than they have been for a while.  Remember as you are preparing your garden for the next garden season make sure you clean up the old vines and plants as this is a very good source for the disease organism to start for the next growing season.  You had also be better watering your yard trees, especially those very young trees, as the ground is very dry and you do need to bring those young trees into the winter with a good root growth.  I have been watering trees almost everyday and it seems that the water just disappears as I do not seem to catch up.  I let the water flow for 3-5 hours and it does not get more than 6-10 inches away from the trees.  One last note for the day and that being isn’t the apples as good as they have ever been, taste wise.  Some trees did not bear as good as usual but the flavor has been tremendous.  Remember if we get by tonight that apples do get sweeter with a frost but not with a freeze.  I keep reminding folks freezing is like putting your apples in the freezer for three to four hours and then try to eat them a day or two or three.  They are not good.

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