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June 25, 2012 Horticulture Column

Gardening in your yard!!!

I am heading for a meeting in Carrington and running out of time but will give you some food for thought as we move forward into the drier and warmer part of our growing season.  I have preached about watering your lawns, flowers and trees for long enough but use this only as a reminder of keeping your plants moist.  Do not over water nor let them dry out.  You might say how am I to get this accomplished but it is not as hard as it seems.  If you are on vacation have a neighbor, friend  or relative help you with your duties.  Another option when you are at home and that is using the touch test.  I know some of you will say the touch test but if you have pots that are very lush touch the soil and if your finger has moist soil or some firmness to the soil texture you are likely good enough; but if the soil is very soft or no potting soil sticks to your finger you likely will need to add some water.  Do not forget to add some nutrients to your watering at least once a week if you want those absolutely beautiful looking pots.  I rigged up a plastic tank this year with a mix of Miracle Grow and water and take a nutrient mix from that tank.  It is easy for either Deb or I to get as I attached a little hose and valve and placed the tank higher so the solution flows out of the tank with ease.  This tank is 30 gallons and does last quite awhile.  We have gone through our second tank and this is watering with just water also so it does get used up rather fast.  Before I get don’t forget to attend the 9th annual Relay for Life garden tour coming up quite quickly on Thursday, July 12th.  Watch for more details latter.

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