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July 16, 2012 Horticulture Column

Gardening in your yard!!!

It is amazing how fast an inch of rain can disappear in a yard but this summer weather is a very good indicator of what can happen.  The drought monitor has increased in size to include parts of Benson and Nelson County.  Keep your plants watered and checked as they will not last long in this warm weather.  The other night Deb finished picking Peas and they are now all pulled ready for a second crop.  We will see how this works as we have cucumbers just coming out of the ground for a later fall harvest.  This is going to require much more water so will see how this works, as well.

Sunday night we were talking about grapes and how they can be propagated in our area and they are actually quite easily started. Deb was giving me grief about our grapes and how they need to be trimmed and I told her it is quite easy, snip off the ends.  She was not happy with that response as I figured and got her a little fired up as she does not like to see things clipped or snipped.  I told her we would try starting new plants this fall as they are actually quite easy to start.  I am sure before we are done we will have many, many grape vines growing everywhere.  THE BEST PART OF THIS ARTICLE is she will be talking to me tonight about me writing about her in the paper but what she did was actually good.  It brought up a point that we need to do more about getting you all prepared to start new plants from some of your already plants.  Remember, not all plants can be started from a clip but there are some that can be.  So, good job Deb.

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